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Pigeon Sep 2020
trauma drifts down through the branches of my family tree
like summer pollen
SgScrib Feb 2019
All that remains is the picture in the frame.
Its the time to work on your deeds,
Focus on your aim,
One step towards respect and fame.

Stop putting others on the edge of blame.
Forgive others, forgive yourself.
Today and tomorrow is not the same.

Today what is yours, will be someone else's tomorrow,
Life is just a game!
Don't let the child inside you to cram.
Recite prayers instead of needs,
And all your sorrows will fade.

As in the end, remember
All that remains is the picture in the frame.
as she's
so felt this
way too
but her
slits between
thighs array
with shirts
that she
skirt her  
beliefs that
really miss
tan lines
round her
gluteus maximus
a birthday party with kj
timeless Apr 2016
I  xeroxed my Heart
Obtained Only colourfull
Of my childhood
Nirvana Apr 2016
A click here
and a click there
taking snaps everywhere
at the age of living carefree
our generation is obsessed with selfie
with a stick in our hand
everywhere we stand -

feeling sick
let's take a pic
going to party
don't forget the photography

every single moment is;
captured as if was a bliss!
fake smiles captured with a flick
but we never get bored of taking click

we are loosing the compassion
in no way we are human
we don't help the one in need;
fish our camera and take snaps instead

portraying poor and their poverty
the name and fame won't help them any
All they want is may be a piece of bread
but the human in us is already dead!

all we do is take a click
Believe me all this is a sh*t!

Extended verse -

we have strong opinion on social media
but in actual world we suffer anemia
we like, comment and share;
when action is needed all we do is stare

such piteous is our condition
we can't stand in unison
and so its easy to break us
else what the hell is this ISIS
PrttyBrd Apr 2015
In black and white across the screen
The sun, peeks over the mountainside
The bright white orb shines through the black leaves
The sky in light gray
And it's the dawn of a new day
One picture snapped on a whim
And hope is caught on the horizon
The camera blinks in time with perfection
Emotion caught on a breeze
A view into the soul of the man behind the moment
There is peace in this place
A picture, a snapshot of insight
An infusion of peace
And the smile on the face of a stranger looking at a screen
WendyStarry Eyes Sep 2014
The time in my youth that taught me about true peace
Was fishing with my Papa on the coast of the East
We'd get up in the morning before sunrise
Papa would wake me with sparkle in his eyes
I'd jump down from the bunk bed
When my feet hit the floor Smells of
Grandma's hickory bacon would rush to my head
She would wrap the bacon up in a biscuit and pack it to go
I'd grab the bag of bread crumbs we'd been saving
for the seagulls, to strew
We'd pile it all in the SUV
The poles clasped firm on the front bumper
Papa's clever bumper holder made of PVC
I can smell the salt air so clear
Papa and Grandma are always with me
Ahh, that is true tranquility!!!
PEACE IN MY HEART THAT WILL NEVER DEPART put this on a notch above the daily fluff for Father's day  Love you Papa Angel, to stay!!

— The End —