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yama verita Oct 13
i didn't followed you to the waters,
just so you could pull me under.
Denel Kessler Nov 2016
Boundaries converge
subduction, descension
divergent margins widen
convective from the core
red hot and sticky
hardening to obsidian

succumb to subterranean pull
an infinitesimal slide below
dense and pressured soil
the slow parting seam
a rift becomes a chasm
consuming solid ground
Evening Ways Apr 2015
Little Ms. Bleach-Jean-Jacket
With the pixie cut high boot style,
Rolls her eyes sarcastically behind
Glasses, and a flirtatious desire
And wonders if the professor
Likes what he sees
At the smallest two person table.
Reading willing and able
To **** his student raw
Although she knows this,
That’s the plan;
Academic battle strategy,
She thinks it a talent
Double-talking with her hands to ****** him.
Wrist bones whispering
“No one else here has to know”
She shyly smiles and laughs in her mind,
“Sad fool thinks some day ill go home with him”.
“Sad fool just game me that extension”
The sad fool checks an email defeated,
Ms. Bleach-Jean-Jacket has won.

— The End —