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esridersi Jan 2018
Luck is when the fruits off one’s labors don’t spoil before harvest – when life doesn’t pluck the buck from your pocket,
or the orbs from your eye sockets.
To be lucky means all the yucky, mucky misfortune simply grazes the hairs on your nose.
Brevity says “I am not lucky to know you”.
It's miraculous to me that you held the key to my heart from the start.
You are not chance, cause, nor coincidence.
You are rarity.
You are pleasantry.
You are necessity.
So as the day must become the night,
so too the rays of my heart must return
to rest in dusk with you
~ and for that
I am forever grateful.
Zombie Jul 2017
In a glance those eyes touched my soul,
& in a flash I felt the fling which I was waiting for.
That smile when you remember the good times you had with that special someone.

— The End —