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Leather binding, open anew
Blank pages, something new
Words unwritten, of you
Here you are, here you are,

Blue gate, walkin’ on through
Seeds planted, affection grew
Each blossoming, time will come soon
Here you are, here you are

Hold me a little bit longer
Hold me a little tighter, tighter

Adventure waits, at the door
Streaming through the want for more
Each breathe brings new lore
Here your story twines in mine, in mine

Turn the page, seek my soul
Hear my heart beat for yours
See the promise to sore

Hold me a little bit longer
Hold me a little tighter, tighter

Hold me a little bit longer
And turn the page
To something new
Song lyrics
Ash Rose Feb 2016
she looked in the mirror with tears in her eyes
and she couldn't even recognize
the face that was staring right back at her
when had all her innocence left her?
and she knew she would regret it as she dragged across her skin
the knife of a soul broken once again
she heard in the depths of her shattered heart
a voice calling out through the dark, saying,

don't you give up, don't you let go
I am with you, by your side, I'm by your side
you're amazing, you're beautiful, and
I promise you that I am here, I'm always here

blood like tears ran down her arms
and splashed onto the tile floor
a quiet reminder, proof of the lies,
the only thing she felt she could do
she had so many friends but they were all fake
she knew not one of them really loved her
she was standing right beside them but her soul was somewhere else
and she could not come back to earth, she heard,

don't you give up, don't ever let go
I am with you, by your side, I'm by your side
you are lovely, you are so worth it,
I promise you that I am here, I'm always here

in her darkest moment she heard it again,
she was ready to give up, she wanted to let go
she hated herself and what she'd become
so she held that knife to her skin...
lyrics from a song I wrote...
I don't exactly have an ending I totally love yet
Aidan A Nov 2014
Go to sleep,
The siren's song to my ballad
Hey beautiful, come with me
Eternity is ours

The dawn  reveals her silhouette
As I slowly sink down to my knees,
Im lost in her gaze,
Enveloped in her silken stare.
Another chorus Ive been working on. The song is meant to embody the joy in catching even but just a glimpse of that special someone.

All these choruses will be expanded upon as time goes by, so check back to see if I've made any progress!
Aidan A Nov 2014
Her eyes, contest evening skies
My dreams in full blossom
While her eyes, pierce midnight skies
The stars watch in envy

Yet I'm just nobody else to her,
I dont have the courage
I could just love from afar,
But this I must do -

Dear, I hope that you know
I just love the way you glow
I just cant be your Prince Charming

I will become her star only if she lets me,
I will become her star if she lets the sun set.
Another piece Ive been working on, these lyrics were originally from a song I wrote when I was 14. I thought the lyrics deserved to be refined - the challenge is retaining the intended feel of the song.
Aidan A Nov 2014
In the stretches of her wings,
Flawlessly beautiful - the reason I still dream
An enchantress of myriads,
A soul I can't resist
And I get lost in

The infinite depth of her eyes,
Her lips they beckon me, I can only fantasize
Words she'd never say to me
I drown beneath the waves
Though I am caught in

The breathlessness that is her stare
The way she'd bat her eyes, and wear her flowing hair
Though I now long to be free
A part of her remains
She has molded me...

Immaculate as she may be,
Shes lost to memory, and I can only dream
My later days will favor me
   To glide those evening skies,
To brave those troubled seas
Parts of a song I've been working on for awhile. It isn't any good read aloud, the melody is what ties it together.

Revised 17.1.15

— The End —