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Annie Dec 2018
Afraid of the combat
the little bird fled
wrapped in the blankets
it sat on its bed
waiting in horror
scared stiff to the bone
there came a visitor
found her alone

He threatened her coldly
with fiery demands
offering her safety
with a knife in his hands

She bend under his urging
singing a sad lullaby
she found the cruel man crying
and sleeping by her side
the night still hides what happened
but little bird had found
in heart and mind well hidden
the Unkiss and the Hound
To the matter of  the 'unkiss' called scene from Goerge R. R. Martins Song of Ice and Fire.
Annie Apr 2019
A white cloak for the kings guard
The men without hearts
A shining armor for his knights
The dark guards of spite

But any wore it like a burden
And the white enhanced his eyes
Dark and black they seemed,
But burning
Watching all my tears and cries
Covered in white

What pain give the hands
Of a knightly dressed lord
With no strength to defend
Against any strike and word

But he refused any order
And he whispered in my ear
Strange advice he gave,
But careful
Perceiving all my pain and fear
Covered in white

What ugliness reveals
A fair and pretty guise
Of a blackness deep sealed
Well hidden by blue eyes

But within my weakest hours
He appeared beside my side
Burned and broken,
But protecting
Lying in my lap that night
Covering me in white
To the controversial, but fascinating relationship of Sansa Stark and the Hound. (Game of Thrones/ SoIaF)

— The End —