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Momin Apr 2018
you are the devil

you make me feel like I'm sinning
even only with a pen and a paper
I'm grinning
because I love it
and I learned on the backseat of the bus
that you can only give so much for love
and the news came to me clearer
that she's not the one for you

people seem to come and go
and your love may want to grow
but sometimes the roots untangle and you are no longer together
but that may be for the better
because he wasn't good enough for you anyway

You know, when I met you
You took my breath away
In retrospect
I would stop breathing if it meant dying next to you
because there are demons in the pit of my stomach
they're so loud
they follow me around
it's the shadow I live with now
but you are the sun
who makes my heart palpitate just a little faster
you make me love smiling
you make me miss your touch
you make me miss your words
you make me miss your scent
yes your scent
because I'd rather have a part of you with me
and have it seem strange than be normal and have nothing at all
and, well,
you call this a part of me, it's not
just the start of falling off the wrong side of the sky
who held me me up for stars and way too long
but after all, all i wanna do is play you songs and just sleep tight
Momin Apr 2018
my shoes scuff against the pavement
my head's in the basement
i need to learn to have patience
hiding in my safe haven
i get the news clearer
she's not the one for you

i look in the mirror
and hold my pills nearer
i get the news clearer
i'm not the one for you

recalling my ex-girl
written these songs full of acidity
when i lost her bitterly, no
oh no i see these feelings twisting up inside me
like a double helix
i'm a realist
but my dreams are poetic
i might've made mistakes but sometimes you gotta let it
hanging with slum kids
illusionary magic
i'm an addict
eyes red
cooped up in the hotel
i'm that dude
that's passion, obsession
my gift
my curse and my blessing
different's infinite,
living in open emotions and poems
my life is filled with
"i used to know her and know him"
but now i'm that kid
thinking that i'll just
fall off the wrong side of the sky
but after all, all i wanna do hold you tight
Leanna, I hope you recover quickly and feel better

— The End —