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Samantha Nov 2018
Just a touch
Sends a ripple
Of feels
Through my body
Each touch
Is a raindrop
and small
It affects
Each nerve
Every end
Of my being
That sweet
Sweet shiver
I feel it
Each touch
Take a moment to appreciate the little moments when that special person in your life will change you with just...a...touch.
Iris Madden Feb 2017
our time together today
makes me want
to write pretty poems
and sweet nothings,
doodle initials inside hearts
all over classwork
and notebook covers,
but I can't focus
cannot concentrate enough,
For every time you laughed today
every time you made me smile
every time I caught you staring
every. single. time
you touched me
runs and replays
through my mind
and blocks out
my concentration on anything else
but you,
but us...
and suddenly I didn't have to make up scenarios in my head, because my memories of today's reality were so much better... (poem written 2.11.17)

— The End —