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texas    I love to look a nature and sing. I am friendly and love to write poetry. I have a wonderful life. I am 16. I ...


The Truth  Jun 2015
Rosey Rosey
The Truth Jun 2015
If you were lonely, or sad inside
Right next to you is where I'd be till the day I die.
I'd walk the 286 miles, from Bakersfield to Vegas
They would all laugh, but I would be shameless.
You are a great friend, one that cannot be replaced
My time with you, would not be put to waste.
Staying up all through the night
sitting in the dark without a light
Writing this poem, just for you
Hoping you will love this too
Those weeks we spent in a hellish place
I'd exchange for just a simple taste
To hold you close, never let go
To be the string, that holds your bow
To fight for you, hold your sword and shield
With only my heart in my hands to wield
I will try my best, to not let you get hurt
I'd pick you up, and dust off the dirt
For if you fall, it will be into my hands
I'd carry you across the sands
So Rosey Rosey come out to play
I won't be the one who betrays.
You know a secert of me noone else knows
One that I do not let show
But I am glad that you now know
I feel like I don't need to hide
Everything I am inside
Rosey Rosey Come out to Play
By your side is where I stay
waiting for you outside your home
Never leaving you alone
So Rosey Rosey, come to me
I want to give you a key
One that leads into my heart
One that can't be broken apart.
My shoulder is yours for your tears
Protecting you from all your fears
I will not allow you to fall back down
To the hole that is in the ground.
I will lend my helping hand
Pick you up to help you stand
Hoping that I can make you glad
So please cheer up, don't be sad
I promise that your smile will be real
Always stating how we feel.
So Rosey Rosey, open up
I will never let you up
I will give you all my time
So you know that you are mine.
The Truth Jun 2015
Rosey Rosey where are you?
Have they taken you away too?
Or did I just scare you away
Was it to much for just for you to stay?
I thought we were good, we were cute.
At least that is what others said
It was a dream that I would pursue
It was a love I'd would have bled
This is just for you, would you even care?
You threw it away, like I had spares.
Rosey Rosey what did I do?
I do what I thought was true
Was I wrong? Did I make you mad?
Did you know, you were the best I ever had.
Was I a bother? Just another problem?
What of that first date, that we had in autumn?
Do you remember? Did it mean nothing?
when you said you loved me, I guess you were bluffing.
Rosey Rosey are you there?
Or is this just a waste of air.
I held you close, I combed your hair.
Those endless nights that we just stared.
All those memories laid to waste.
Had me on a wild goose chase
Now I know, you were bad for me.
Thanks to you for setting me free.
devinbrownn  Dec 2017
Rosey Red
devinbrownn Dec 2017
Rosey red, pricked thorned pedals from stem to stem
Almost as if it were as beautiful in a field of only one shiny ruby gem,
The deep red of scarlet, overpowers the galently green
The lovely fume scent of deep rose in a garden in which was seen;
The fact of glaring away in the garden of red, indeed I was condemn,

In the rain of a storm, even in the heavy snow they still would stand,
These elegant roses indeed were never bland,
I once there stood and had seen, and smell the roses of deep red;
And even still I love the rosey red, prickled thorned pedals from stem to stem,

Even in the fog of darkest, deepest night they still would appear
Screaming out in love and beauty, as if it was there nature of cheer,
The garden of red was strongest among all,
The thorns beneath would strike back with fierce standing small
When they would die, I would wait for them to grow again;
Growing again the rosey red, prickled thorned pedals from stem to stem