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I was born
And I was flattened
It's my culture I think

Girls should be quiet and pretty
God forbid they should think

I should be lady-like
And despite all this

I should take all the abuse
Of these men who just drink

So I'm a doormat
I grow up
People walking all over me

I keep my mouth sealed shut
And don't tell them what you see

But I will scream today
I will stop them now

I've been punished enough
You're being mean right now

And I am learning to unlearn
Everything that I've seen

But your white skin means
That you don't understand me

You weren't born fighting things
that can't be unseen

You are workplace
argument free

Im not discounting your struggles
I'm sure your life has been hard

I'm just saying
that certain phrases
You say
Hit me hard

Like a slap across the face
You discount my existence

You think your opinion is the only thing
That should be considered

I won't apologise
Because I EXIST.

I'm not a doormat today
But I can learn to forgive

If you apologise
And stop making me feel like this

There's no victims
In this victimless

There is no poorer or worse off
Don't even think

I can't compare myself to you
at the kitchen sink

It's not quantifiable
I don't want to hear about your life

Because we will never have seen life
Through the same eyes

In life there's suffering
Otherwise what's the point

Just get over yourself
Let's both apologise.
Iskra Aug 2018
I was finally healing so well

Now everything’s grey again
I’m unsure again
Feelings fluttering, sparkling, and sputtering out again,
No one to love, I don’t know who to love.

I don’t know who I will love.

One moment of clarity gone.
I knew I craved the touch of her gentle fingers and soft curves, the sound her amber voice, and brush of her silken tresses

But now I wonder if I could love someone with broader shoulders and strong hands, hard muscles, and a voice like coffee

I did twice, but they both walked the line between sweet and firm, and now I reject that part of myself


Most usually do the opposite.
How spoiled I must be to be ashamed of my attraction to someone I’ve been told someone like me should love

But I am an individual being,
and I’ve always said:
Attraction is spontaneous.

Why shouldn’t I just float upon the joy I feel?

Why must it have a neatly labeled category?

Love defies language,
Thousands of poems written in its name,
Yet no words can be as intricate, as concise, as layered, as simple as its nature.

Love defies boxes, it spills out, it eats through the cardboard and collects in fuchsia pools across the floor,
Too fluid to be contained.
Even when I know what I feel I still question it.
aniket nikhade Jan 2017
Looking into details of each and everything and all that happened in life,
one thing is for sure,
experience gained since prior paves a way for better expertise,
if the desire is for the same with regards to better future.

— The End —