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Marissa Sep 2014
My soul oozes
Out from the sores
On my skin
I dug for myself and
Latches on to the holes
In my veins
Like poison from venomous
Snakes. And
I can't stop it from
Going straight to my brain
And heart.
I don't see a point
In taking chances on things.
I can't ******* see
Myself without scars
I can't ******* see myself
without fresh
Gashes or bruises
And I can't ******* see
Myself smiling.
I don't eat because
The hunger pains
Remind me I am still
The pain like ****
Making it harder
To be okay and
Making it harder
For people to look at me
Without getting repulsed.
I'm like an infection.
I can't breathe properly
And haven't been able
To since...
I can't remember how long
It's been since I last
Breathed clean air
I can't imagine looking
In a mirror and feeling
Good enough.
So I sit.
In the dark and let my soul
Ooze out onto my sheets
And pray
I don't wake up

— The End —