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He/She lives in
Her/his thought
His/Her pledges

Meet me
In the dreams

May be
This is how
The world witnessed
The poetry
Genre: Observational
Theme: Guess what?
William Troup May 13
Dream ...
   green! meadows
   plea ... england grows
      in morrows youth ... sow!
         Morn, in eve, forgetting
      in glee! regaling
   fleas, pledges thrown;
   please ... english
Francie Lynch Jun 2017
I made a promise that I've kept,
An oath I carry with every step;
A naked vow when undressed,
A pledge I'd no desire to test.

You made a promise that you broke,
An oath you mouthed when you spoke;
A vow that withered, dried and choked
The pledge that now sticks in your throat.

Was it your intention then
To take the words and make them bend;
To throw your voice like a ventriloquist.
Were your fingers crossed behind my back?

We clearly heard your words of honour,
Your assurances you'd never wander;
A bond to tie us til we'd die,
A covenant sworn between you and I.
Words... words... words.

— The End —