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Kitten Yvad Sep 2020
There are roses in your
coming through the airwaves
your voice tingles
down my spine

and held in loving suspension
we are pure frozen in time
delayed gratification and
I can't believe the reward

my ears get hot and
tummy swims in circles  
god before  you
touch me i cannot

and i tell you this;
i cannot i whisper this
pleading into your eyes
i cannot my god
i moan this to you in surrender
taken over like the war
is over and now i'm melting

because you think
i taste so good melted
And i know there are roses
in your voice because
they bloom for me

from your tongue
velvet and soft for me
and then strong for me
rugged and firm like rocks
for me

your voice and your
attention my reward my reward my reward

I want you to feel
within your core im in awe
of you

im just arrested see?
watching your roses
im wide eyed, tied; take such pleasure
in arresting me

a poem for when the sounds i make with my mouth aren't the words of praise that I want to come out (especially in queerplatonic relationships and quasiqueerromantic friendships)... and a poem of gratitude for people who like to remind me of the things i don't need others' permission for. im so alive about that profound encouragement.
Amoy Mar 2019
In the ***** fields the red plant glows
Shining bright row by rows
Highlighting our opiates blight
Soldier by soldier I save tonight
Ease their pain do it right
For they may stray towards the light
She loved the feeling when a tattoo needle pierced her skin. The physical pain was nothing compared to the mental anguish swirling in her soul. Strangely enough, being stabbed hundreds of times was the most relaxed she ever felt in her life.
Even though I didn't get a new tattoo today, I got a new piercing. For me the release of that physical pain helps with my mental and emotional pain. Crazy as it sounds it works and calms me down.

— The End —