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Jillian Jones Sep 2019
Just because you do not find the beauty
in words and poems,
in drawings and paintings,
in colors,
in the waves of the grass
or the bark of a tree,
does not mean
that I should not too.

I should not be out-casted
for finding beauty in things that
you do not.
My opinions do not change your view,
Why should yours change mine?

maybe, for once,
take the leap, take the chance
in finding beauty in something other than
what you think is normal.
Not until you take that chance
can you tell me that my views are wrong.

-the ballet of a dreamer j.j
DaRk IcE Dec 2015
Shallow stones skipping across the water careful not to penitrate the surface...maintaining a suave demeanor

All to careful demonstrating a perfect front for the crowd, always pleasing...

Class clown turns bullying into a comedy skit humiliating the girl in the corner who is homeless...If he only walked a mile in her shoes

Thoughtless and unbound acts of the most popular, always shunning the one's whose crowd is smaller

Its not easy being the underdog, the less fortunate...outcasted by societys cruel intentions bound from a silver platter
The bullying needs to stop. Its such a mean and disgusting thing. It takes lives every day.

— The End —