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gbye Jun 2018
I can't stop wondering what could've been
If I was braver, if you were shyer
Something in my soul tells me that we fit like puzzle pieces
I feel it in the way we speak with glances
The way your body shifts and moves closer when I'm near
The way the colour blue reminds me of your eyes and warms my heart
There's something about the way you say my name soft but sure
Like you're tasting every letter
I don't know if we still have time.
Alex Apr 2018
I’d like to believe I’ve known you over many lifetimes.

I’d like to believe I met you in New York City, as you browsed through records on a cold 1962 evening.

Perhaps in Paris at the end of the war.

Tinker parades marching down the “Avenue Montaigne”.

Perhaps you were standing on the corner demanding they “don’t forget Catalonia!”.

Maybe I smiled and accepted a pamphlet and remembered those nostalgic hands.

Maybe then they reminded me of summers in Grimaud and not Christmas in Mexico.
gbye Feb 2018
My heart decided for me
We were just kids
But my heart decided
That you were it

My mind was always smarter
I packed my things and went away
I looked into your baby blues and wondered at what I saw
Was there regret, or sadness, or pain?

Did you feel what I felt?
Did your heart decide for you?
Do you look around corners searching for a glimpse of me?
Do you drive by my home in hopes that I may be on the porch?
Do you dream of late nights spent in my arms?
Did you choose to listen to your mind?

You're something of an elixir for my heart
When I'm hurt my mind is flooded with you
Every time I quiet it, and go on, and love again
And hurt again, and live in our memories

Its hard to let go of something that never existed
Hard to tear your own heart to pieces
Hard to let go of what you never had
I love easily and quickly, but forget just as easily
Somehow I haven't forgotten you yet

Pray tell, my heart
Let me live and forget you.
Really messy, but thoughts about the one that got away were shattering my focus today.
Harsh Jan 2017
It's been a while since we last spoke,
3 years to be precise, but who's counting anyway, not me.
Definitely not me.
By the way I unfriended you on facebook,
I figured it's about time, I mean after 3 years of radio silence,
a long term girlfriend for you,
and a series of unsuccessful hookups for me,
I figured it's about time I gave up the illusion of being friends with you.
Every now and then I look you up,
and thanks to your disregard for security and privacy settings,
I stalk you, and her.
She seems nice, positive, bubbly,
committed to all the right causes,
I cannot really find any reason to dislike her. Shame.
Perhaps if I said yes the second time round, or the third,
perhaps if we hadn't been so young and had another go,
perhaps if you said yes, when I eventually felt so,
we'll never know.
This poem is the sole property of me and cannot be copied or used without permission. [Copyright G.H. Rodrigo 15/01/2017]

— The End —