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A day in love is like a thousand years,
With a heart beating but time moves no more.
I know the timelessness of loving you,
Is God-like as in Psalms ninety verse four.

To be in love with you gives me my soul,
Your love is the breath of life from Heaven.
The love my lungs breathe is like the spirit
God breathed in Genesis two verse seven.

Your love shows me mercy, grace, good and truth,
Patience, forgiveness and absence of hate.
It awes me like when God showed Himself in
Exodus thirty-four seven and eight.

The more I love you the simpler it gets,
It’s something I just naturally do.
Love’s forever inscribed in my heart like
Jeremiah thirty-one thirty-two.
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Mr Trismegistus Apr 2017
Father, give me not unto falsehoods and lies,
Nor poverty or riches in its stead;
But please, help me to always be wise,
And give to me only my daily bread.
So, this is really just me taking Proverbs 30:8 and adding a little to make it rhyme. I won't take credit for the words; that should belong to Agur.
On the highway of mourning...
...gathering food for the table,
I seed, shuck the Cane,
am able-bodied; so Able.
In life until my death,
I work.

— The End —