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Alan Jimenez Nov 2017
Call me an old fashion man
I like holding my girls hand
I like spending time together
Talking about how the day went and the weather
I like going out on dates
I don't care if you take food from my plate
I like holding her when she's cold
Let her know that I'm there to keep her warm
I like telling her how my day went
How she listens to me when I need to vent
I like to hear her voice
How when she sees me she feels rejoice
How she tells me her story about how she grew up
How she dresses her self and puts on her makeup
How she comforts me when I'm feeling down
But I hate to see her frown
I love to buy her flowers
Her favorites are sunflowers
I love to surprise her with gifts
Out of the blue just get her a teddy bear with ribbons
She loves how I open doors for her
I love to show her off everywhere
Present her as the center of attention
Let everyone know she's mine, it's all about presentation
I'm not afraid to show affection
When she's afraid, I'll be her protection
Call me old fashion
But my woman is my passion
JJRKelly Feb 2016
You bring your coquette and charming.
I bring homebread and cheese.
You bring fresh fruit, and spread
I bring romance and eloquent

I bring wine,
And you bring tea.
I've admiration of the old-fashioned kind,
And you've your poised elegance. Sweet
And subtle seductiveness
Do we now practice.
Light and deep conversation,
Peals of laughters
And whispers in the silence.

I don't mind the seeming plainness
of our meeting.
As long as I can enjoy
knowing you're enjoying
Our special spontaneous
Lunch date
Let me know what you all think of this one
Skylar Peek Aug 2014
Old fashioned love songs play in the distance.
Hear the soft crackle of the record player.
That would be my favorite sound,
if it wasn't for you
sitting here
conversing with me.
Under the lights, sitting under a birch tree,
what a blissful night this has come to be.

— The End —