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Arianne Gallardo Jun 2018
this is just a reminder that i once existed.
That I was born on a rainy day,
It was on a month in the middle of the year
– it just started, but seemed like ending all of a sudden.

This is a reminder that I was once part of your life.
Just another person on the list
with whom you may or may not have interacted with
– I was there, at the moment, then gone.

This is a reminder that I was once part
of this vacuum you call the universe
I was once part of this non-empty void,
always have been intriguing,

This is a reminder that I was once a being,
who felt waves of overwhelming emotions,
who have taken needles into my veins
who have tasted water
who have shared a bread or two.
I have thought about the very meaning of life
I was once there
Like how you are here,
right now.

But hello seems like incomplete
when not complemented with something else
Don’t you think?
Surely that hello wouldn’t linger
in the air forever.

Sometimes, infinities are a *** to our limited existence.
After all, infinities are reminders of what we can’t be.

No, Uncle John, we’re not infinite
I’m sorry but all we are,
are just shells and caskets
conscious, we may be,
but even premium caskets rust.
There’s no way around being ephemeral.
There’s only one way.
One way to go.
One way to go…
for all of this to go away.

And I’ve chosen to go that only way.

Carter Ginter Jun 2014
I'm so confused
No I don't understand
Because who I see here
Is Not who I am.
Reflections tell a story
The one everyone sees
But if you look deeper inside
There's much more left to be.
We're told when we're young
That anything is possible
But society continues
To declare dreams improbable.
I don't hate who I am
Just who I see in the mirror
For these thoughts I keep hidden:
They provoke too much fear.
I want to be normal
Young and happy
But I can't figure out
If I'm really me.
I make a decision
Decide on a label
That is until
New cards hit the table.

— The End —