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Srujani Apr 2022
i tried to grab you and found you huge
tried to hop and found you broke
tried to hug and found you died
how do i say?
how do i say again that
Even if all the way long back to start
i would still choose you
even when i know we would die
you were dead
and we never work
When it's lost
Aeerdna Oct 2015
You’re made up of these sad little songs,
musical notes are flying from the scales
directly into each and every atom of your body
you play them with the broken strings of your soul
you play them with the greatest pain one can bare
and I love them.
I listen to them with my veins
I let them get into my blood,
I let them get to the heart and then all over again
Through my body.

I love them, I love their pain, their lyrics
I love the way they hurt while they make me happy.

They will never be mine,
But I love them.

— The End —