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BoringBoy May 2018
Oh no,
Oh no,

Here he comes,
The Rage in his eyes,
Like a gun,

Please hide,
Oh my,

The face of Wrath,

Why so much rage,
Why so much mass,

Oh dear,
Oh, why,

He hit the wall,
He is so drunk,
I hope he falls,

No way,
I'm scared,

He hit mother,
And now brother,
Am I other,

PLeAse stop,
PlEaSE stop,

I've had enough,
I will use force,
Think you are tough,

Take this,
Take that,

A metal bat,
Think you are big,
I'll break your back,

I'm done,
Not so,

I'm feeling strong,
For all the years that you made wrong,

A slash,
A cut,

From here to there,
Don't you come back,
It's not a dare.

— The End —