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WistfulHope Dec 2014
I'm curious...

How did my ExxP parents
Give birth to two IxxJ children?

How did my 'ideal match' parents
Get such a ****** up marriage?

How does my T father
Really feel about and think of his F son?

How much does my ISFJ brother
Hate his INFJ sister for stunting his F growth,
Because our ESTP father, my shadow type, has annihilated mine?

How am I supposed to be able to predict
My ENFP mother's flip-flopping parenting,
Even if we're both NFs?
Finally decided to sit down and type my family (, ehhhhh...).
Only one I'm not certain of is my brother.
- - -
You'll probably ignore/not get this, unless of course you're a certain INFP who I had in mind while writing. (******* The Wing)
WistfulHope Dec 2014
I watch myself
Dig my own grave,
Out by the place
We muttered over broken glass,
Near the rock coated in ash.

            Will you be here tomorrow
            When I'm not?
            Will you be here tomorrow
            When I've gone?
            Will you be here tomorrow
            Mourning, or moved on?

I see myself whisper
To the still trees and the riverbank,
I am inaudible when it matters,
As I always was.

I wonder if anyone will hear the shot,
Or if in death, like life,
I'll be ignored as well as forgot...
WistfulHope Dec 2014
Is it possible
that there's someone
just as
broken as
out there
for someone
to be
Just a thing.
I write a lot of short things.
I'm a lonely thing.
Looking for someone real.
Maybe someday I'll find them.
Hopefully before we both die.
That'd be prefered.
You put yourself in danger.
Finding the value of the heart.
Now your just a stranger.
Looking for a place to start.
Tell me where do we go now?
Tell me where do we go now?
We ended up here somehow
Now tell me where do we go now?

— The End —