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half-torn rose
withering old love,
you are dead

Luiz  Dec 2018
Them - A
Luiz Dec 2018
Part 1

She was the type
who's sanity would
go missing

searching for love
in his honied eyes

Part 2

He was the type
that would rip
his eyes out
and gift them
to her

so she'd never
get lost

luiz (blind) Syphre
M&M Edition
© 2018
silent thoughts of you
extending my reach to the stars

my dear, true and bright,
time's eclipsed in our adoration
like golden rays, my eternal sunshine

seraph  Aug 28
seraph Aug 28
I don’t speak french but I’d do it for you,
On your skin, tongue and lips
If you wanted me to.
beautiful as ever
your voice still resonates
within the depths of my soul

Stephen James Apr 11
left waiting, alone
upon this forsaken road,
for you to come home.
a haiku
Luiz  Oct 2018
you are the reason
Luiz Oct 2018
I stare into this cracked phone


in a thunderous silence
Luiz  Aug 2018
Luiz Aug 2018
He was the kind
that would
burn alive

for the one
to ignite
his soul!

and he did...

— The End —