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kay Feb 8
words are just that.


so who decided that they would mean this much?
kay Feb 8
i am not brave enough
to commit suicide.
kay Feb 5
count the bruises.
was it really worth it?
kay Feb 5
it is not a sin to love.

just a mistake.
kay Feb 4
when your vision blurs and you don't remember who you used to be-

then who do you call?

who do you trust?
kay Feb 4
who's to say what's lucky anyway
kay Feb 4
no one can suffer and come out the same
kay Feb 1
have i mentioned i love you
kay Jan 29
i never text first anymore
kay Jan 25
“sorry” means you regret it
and you won’t do it again.
you may regret it,
i don’t know.

but you always do it again.
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