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and crisp

freshly trimmed
around the heart

rip my soul open
take every bit, gather every shard
of the world we shared

turned to dust
locked in time, i'll always shine
for you

beautiful as ever
your voice still resonates
within the depths of my soul

silent thoughts of you
extending my reach to the stars

my dear, true and bright,
time's eclipsed in our adoration
like golden rays, my eternal sunshine

Stephen James Jul 21
finding the stillness
in the midst of busyness
will help sustain us
a haiku
Zia Jul 8
In vain
I wait
for the clouds
To shed its rain
A bent brain
My heart in twain
In my vein
I let disdain
Eat the pain
Paras Bajaj Jun 1
you missed me
in your lonely hour
while I thought of you
every single minute.

half-torn rose
withering old love,
you are dead

Stephen James Apr 19
how long must the chains
of regret choke off the veins
where life is sustained?
a haiku
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