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Sep 2015
(In Prinylas, in a bedroom, Ivan and Erica were talking while lying on their bed.)

(Erica said,)

I love you and I have proven it to you so many times.
Maybe it would be healthy if we would remain simple
Peasants to work in the fields; I miss this life sometimes.
You're my man and I listen to you, '' she drew her wimple.

(Ivan said,)

''Sometimes, you're exhausted, '' '' I'm afraid of getting sick, ''
''All the time, I need to protect you; it's hard for you to live
On your own, '' '' you make a lot of money; you want them quick, ''
''I'm like my aunt, but I also find a nice way to give;

(Ivan continued…)

I like to build a wealth, not just to spend them for my needs, ''
''This is why you sold everything you had in Russia and
Started a business elsewhere; you followed your instinct leads;
You don't think positively when you don't have the needed funds, ''

(Erica replied. Ivan asked her…)

''Do you suggest this is the reason why my Turkish store burned?
I've told you that after I had returned from Russia, someone
Threatened me near the border and took my fur I had earned.
It could be the nun's ex-husband, '' ''It could be anyone, ''

(…suggested Erica. Ivan replied..)

''It could be another fur trader; anyway, there is
A disruption in the business conditions; Naimah has
The same opinion; I started doing business,
'Cause I wanted a big family, but my life became a haze, ''

(Erica was a great observer.)

''Because you started to get into some risky affairs, ''
''Are you talking about the gold? '' ''Yes, '' ''I needed new
Relationships; all remained to this nun for her future years
Was this gold, which had been deposited to the bank, ’’ ‘’It’s true, ’’

(….concluded Erica. Ivan continued…)

‘’ She met me and gave me the map and the document
That empowered me to accompany the messenger
To Russia after traveling across the continent.
I would receive twelve kilos of gold for this adventure.

She had sent an act to one of her friends living in England
Authorizing him to take the gold out from the bank
And to pay a messenger to bring it home, '' '' I understand.
''She wrote about some security conditions, '' ''That ship sank,

(Erica continued…)

But maybe the sailors had been killed before sinking.’’
‘’I have to tell you a secret, '' '' Why do we go to Portugal? ''
''Because I fear of that person who fired my shop after taking
My fur; with the remaining money I opened this life portal-

I bought our trip; I couldn't turn back to talk to the nun.
I should meet the messenger; '' ''Why have you created problems? ''
''Because Frederick didn't keep his word; he preferred to run.
He had promised me to stay two weeks in Athens before I embarked.''

(Erica asked him…)

''Why did he change his mind? '' ''Because of what had happened in
Selanik; He concluded that he had been chased by the pirates.
I needed time to go to give the map, '' Ivan said with a grin.
'' To wait for me to come back, you would stay there in silence.''

(Erica should stay on the ship to wait for Ivan. She said…)

''Maybe that pirate followed us and killed the messenger.
Let's think positively, '' '' He took the gold; we need protection.
Moreover, the nun told me that she hadn't informed her
Ex-husband about the gold because of losing his affection.

This woman wants to donate her gold in exchange for freedom.
The map is vital to her as the commission is to me.''
'' The messenger came with his servant in this garden of Eden.
Why didn't they take the ship? '' ''To watch it sailing on the sea! ''

(…exclaimed Ivan and continued…)

If something had happened to the gold, he would have asked
The authorities to investigate the missing, ’’ ‘’ At least,
He should verify this transport in the port of Constanta.
Imagine how some poisoned thoughts could spoil the hope's feast! ’’

(… exclaimed Erica. Ivan asked…)

'' Where do you know this from? '' '' I've read his journal, '' '' I must go
To tell the governor everything I know and to ask him
To help me, '' ''This nun is very important to you; although
You don't say it, you do it; means not making money on a whim.''

'' I understood the idea of freedom in life,
Especially for a woman; I wanted to fight against
An old, Russian mentality; started with an inner strife
While hoping to find some ways to achieve true happiness.''

(Ivan continued….)

'' Don't forget that I overcame my own human condition.
''I think it is also about the faith that spurred you; read
Some chapters aloud for me before sleeping; your diction
Is nice, '' ''Hope it's not philosophical; don't turn in the bed! ''

(‘’Just a little, ’’ replied Erica and fell asleep.)

(..To be continued…)

Poem by Marieta Maglas
Marieta Maglas
Written by
Marieta Maglas
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