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Envelop me like the love letters we would write each other when I was away,
like the blankets we would wrap up in to stay warm in those polar nights.
When the heater was broken
and everything was frozen we would keep eachother safe.
I love you Madeline Campbell. I hope you have an amazing Birthday today!
I was never satisfied with being the observer
or the healer
I wanted to be healed
I wanted to be fun to watch like the many people I observed and loved at a distance
I had a habit of seeing things from one set of eyes only
I tried on different masks
I felt lonely
I felt numb
There was nothing to me
except speculation
But I pushed this away
It only came in between helping others
I used to think I lost myself in guiding others
But I had never found myself in the first place

Reflective states would come in waves
But I had forgotten how to swim
The day I fell into the sea

It may have been a river
But I couldn’t tell
Because I was just a pebble

— The End —