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Lena Waters Jan 2016
Ice can be cooling and calming and free.
Ice can protect and and aid

Ice can be slicing and savage and wild.
Ice can slaughter - man, woman or child.

Ice can be mild and mellow and fresh.
Ice can give refuge from Summer's hot mesh.

Ice can be crueler and sharper and cold.
Ice can decide not to favour the

Our icy opinions are all black or white,
But grey ice in grey Winter hides in a grey night.
What's your icy opinion?
Leave a comment if you  have one!
Lena Waters Jan 2016
→→→→→It doesn't matter←←←←←
             What                       you
           Do in                            life
          And                 ­              death
         And       inbetween        them;
         At            the end             of the
          Day       the wheels        keep
           On                                 going
           Round                         and
               So the                wheels
                  Just keep turning.
A concrete poem to make you think. Enjoy! (Read left to right, each line, like a normal poem. ;) )
Lena Waters Jan 2016
What do you think lives between the lines?
Lena Waters Jan 2016
Good morning, poetry,
Poetry, you know!
Have to get up now, poetry,
Poetry, Hello.

Hello there, poetry,
Poetry, good show!
Great performance, poetry,
Poetry, Hello.

Evening, poetry,
Poetry, you look low!
Get well soon, poetry,
Poetry, Hello.

Good night, poetry,
Poetry, you've grown!
See you soon, then, poetry,
Poetry, Hello.
Enjoy the poetry, and hello! :3
Lena Waters Jan 2016
For that is its purpose,
That soft silky touch.

Never lingers, just illusions,
The stroke of Lady Luck.
Hope you like it!
Lena Waters Jan 2016

- A stroke of luck
- A lick of a smile
- A restaurant bill
- And the extra mile

Whisk until creamed.

- A gram of trying
- A hopeful sneaked kiss
- A hug, nothing more
- And some moments of bliss

Crumble and sprinkle into the creamed mixture.

- A tear or ten
- A perverse revolt
- A trying time
- And a pinch of salt

Add to the mixture and beat until stiff.

Leave to simmer on a low heat and hope it doesn't boil away.
If love were this hard, or this easy, I'd have 20 cats. And they'd probably eat me when I died.
Lena Waters Jan 2016
And though I love you,
It's not how you want me to.

And though I smile at you,
It's not how you want me to.

And though I kiss you,
It's not how you want me to.

And though I'm here for you,
It's not how you want me to.

I love you as a sister -
It's not how you want me to.

I smile at you as a friend -
It's not how you want me to.

I kiss you as a sister -
It's not how you want me to.

I'm here for you as a friend -
It's not how you want me to.

And so -
how do you want me to love you that I can do?
The true story of last week, when I had to stop lying to my boyfriend about how I loved him. This is how I feel.
Lena Waters Jan 2016
And as all living things
crumbled before me

I saw the end as it
should never have come

And the guilt of knowing
that I was at fault

That was the end of
love's lie.
Morbid, but...uh...nope, just morbid. I guess I'm glad to be back then xD
Lena Waters Jan 2016
Isn't every life
Isn't all love
Aren't we all

And as we're all
If hope is so
Then how do we
For Jo Morris, who I thought would like this.
Lena Waters Aug 2015
Hope flies beside you as you run,
                                                       a lithe body loping at your side, snarling in delight, protecting.

Hope lies beside you as you sleep,
                                                        a warm creature alive at your side, rumbles with love, protecting.

Hope rides beside you as you love,
                                                         a strange undeniable force of equality, no restraints, protecting.
Hope is the wolf that drives me onwards.
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