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Lena Waters Jan 2016
And as all living things
crumbled before me

I saw the end as it
should never have come

And the guilt of knowing
that I was at fault

That was the end of
love's lie.
Morbid, but...uh...nope, just morbid. I guess I'm glad to be back then xD
Lena Waters Jan 2016
Isn't every life
Isn't all love
Aren't we all

And as we're all
If hope is so
Then how do we
For Jo Morris, who I thought would like this.
Lena Waters Aug 2015
Hope flies beside you as you run,
                                                       a lithe body loping at your side, snarling in delight, protecting.

Hope lies beside you as you sleep,
                                                        a warm creature alive at your side, rumbles with love, protecting.

Hope rides beside you as you love,
                                                         a strange undeniable force of equality, no restraints, protecting.
Hope is the wolf that drives me onwards.
Lena Waters Aug 2015
r u o k?

i c

r u?


r u a q t?

o, o k.

i c.

r u u?

o i c.

i c u,

l i k u c a q t!

o k?!

r u ok?

o, i c.
Think. About. It. :)
Lena Waters Aug 2015
And                  Iwo            ­   nder
Ifwe                  eve               ndes
Erve                  this               beau
tiful                   pla                netw
Tev      ­             ery                thing
Alit                   tleb               itdiffe
Ren                   tlyt               hanI'd
Bee                   nta                 ught
For wolf spirit. Hope you enjoy it!
Lena Waters Aug 2015
Do you ever wonder
                                  If there's love left on this Earth?

Do you ever wonder
                                  If it's been drained of mirth?

Do you ever wonder
                                  Why the world is cold and still?

Do you ever wonder
                                   Why winter lovers catch a chill?

Do you ever wonder
                                   When an adult becomes "old"?

Do you ever wonder
                                   When children grow so bold?

Do you ever wonder
                                  How skies became so grey?

Do you ever wonder
                                  How a mockingbird's young play?

Do you ever wonder?
                                  Of this I cannot see.

But I know you'll never wonder
                                                     How much you love me.
Use this if you like, with credit to me. Enjoy it!
Lena Waters Aug 2015
They seem so lazy,
As if aimlessly wandering.

In reality,
They are searching.

For the blooms,
With the power to save their family.

And in a single breath,
They would sacrifice themselves.

For the well-being of the hive,
But never a single flower.

Always they scheme,
Plotting to find the best blossoms.

The best sustenance,
To give life to the hive that raised each bee.

But however beautiful and sweet,
The bees will never sacrifice themselves for a flower.

And I wonder,
As they sting me and I cry out at my pain and their deaths.

I wonder if perhaps,
The birds and the bees aren't too different at all.
Thinking of the bond that ties us all to our families, humans and so many others. A human mother would die for her young, but mamy will never have to in the human world. For so many others, a life for a new generation is expected, not honoured. Bees, I salute you.
Lena Waters Aug 2015
First the child, who squeals at the foaming waves and sniffs the salt in the air, distracted and amazed by the colours of the sand.
Then, the teen, trying to hide carefree bliss behind hair fondled by the sea breeze.
Suddenly, the proud parent, presiding over all and remembering the days when they were but a child theirself.

First the child, clutching their plastic ***** and diving into the soft, scorching powder.
Then, the teen, who sighs in apparent derision whilst hiding the longing to play.
Suddenly, the exhausted parent, buried and towed and made to inspect various pits of faith.

First the child, clumsily scooping handfuls of damp, soothing grains.
Then, the teen, sighing and crouching to help whilst decreeing helping is not "playing".
Suddenly, the knowing parent, catches the eyes of them both and nods a nod of serenity.

First the child, studding twisted shells like wavering mountains dotted across a globe by a clumsy god.
Then, the teen, rolling their eyes as they arrange a symmetrical formation of emotion.
Suddenly, the grinning parent, watching as two formidable castles become a fortress of hope.

And then?

The tide

Took them all


And the castle's glittering flag washed calmly against the shore.


The child

Could come


And there it waits to the misshapen lump of sand that was once a fortress of dreams.
A flash of inspiration that struck me - had to get it down O.o Hope you all enjoy my random burst! :P
Lena Waters Aug 2015
It seems to me
That the most beautiful people
Are not the ones who do not mock ugliness in others

But delude themselves
That none rests in them
Lena Waters Aug 2015
If we all blame each other
For the things we could have
Would have
Should have done
Then how
Is there
A hope in hell that
Anything will ever get done?
The first in my series of poems specifically about the lessons we learn from life. I guess that applies to all poems.
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