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Na dhan k e daas hote hai ,naa mann ke daas hote hai
Nirasha me v aasha ka, saghan vishwas hote hai
Nazar se dur hokar v, jigar ke paas hote hai
Mohabbat karne wale dil, bahot hi khas hote hai

Ibbadat kaun karta hai,Innayat kaun karta hai
Sabhi hai lootne wale, mohabbat kaun karta hai
Bharamar ki gungunahat se hi, ab har phool darta hai
Sabhi khilwadd karte hai, mohabbat kaun karta hai

Mohabbat apni har aashiq, pe jaya hum nahi karte
Ki aise har kisi pe dil,  lutaya hum nahi karte
Mai kahti raat rani se, meri awaj ko sunkar
Chale aate hai khud bhawre, bulaya hum nahi karte

Hume apni mohabbat tum, gawara mat samajh lena
Aji ye dil humara hai, tumhara mat samajh lena
Kayamat ki nazar hai, humnazara mat samajh lena
Kinara kar rahe hai hum, Isahara mat samajh lena
Copyright© Shashank K Dwivedi
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judy smith May 2016
Don’t take them at face value. Several leading actresses in Mollywood have shown themselves to be keen businesswomen too. So, if Poornima Indrajith, a fashionista in her own right and designer-in-chief of fashion store Pranaah, was the lone name in the list till recently, Kavya Madhavan, Lena, Kaniha, Shwetha Menon, Rima Kallingal and the like too have joined the fray to establish their credentials as entrepreneurs.

While Kavya owns Laksyah, an online fashion store, Rima runs Mamangam, a dance school in Kochi. Lena is busy with Aakruti, her weight-loss centre. Kaniha’s focus is on health care, as a franchise partner of Medall Diagnostics in Chennai. Shwetha, meanwhile, has opened a restaurant, Shwe’s Delight, in Dubai. Mallika Sukumaran owns Spice Boat, a restaurant in Doha, Qatar… The actresses talk at length to MetroPlus about why and how they went about it, the lessons they learnt and what lies ahead.

For Kavya it was the realisation of a long-cherished dream; of starting a business venture while she is at the peak of her career. “I zeroed in on a fashion boutique from several other options, such as dance school, beauty parlour, restaurant…,” says Kavya. “It was the safest and best choice because my father had been in the textile business back home in Neeleeswaram for nearly four decades. My brother, Midhun is a graduate in fashion technology and my mother and my sister-in-law too share the same passion. Laksyah is really a family-run enterprise,” she adds. Laksyah, which sells a range of one-off designer saris and daily wear and based out of Kochi, will be celebrating its first anniversary next month.

It was a photoshoot that lead Lena to open Aakruti. She had to lose a few kilos to get in shape for the shoot and her childhood friend, Louisa David, a physiotherapist, helped her achieve that goal. “I was happy with my weight loss and so we decided to launch a physiotherapy-based slimming centre. Louisa has been running her centre at Thrissur for five years and she helped me start Aakruti, in Chevayur, Kozhikode, in September last year,” Lena says.

Kaniha, always a multi-tasker, has a solid reason for taking the health care route too. It was the closest she could get to her childhood ambition to pursue medicine! “After coming back to India from the United States, my husband, Shyam Radhakrishnan and I wanted to start something. Since I couldn’t fulfil my dream of becoming a doctor and had to study engineering instead, I thought I should do something related to healthcare and that’s how Medall happened,” says the actress.

In Shwetha’s case, her restaurant was a venture waiting to happen. “In fact, those who know me for long are not surprised with my decision to open a restaurant. I am an absolute foodie. I am so very careful about what I eat that my cook always travels with me on my shoots. I also love hosting family and friends and often hold pyjama parties at home. That’s why a restaurant was the obvious choice when I thought about starting a venture,” says Shwetha. Shwe’s Delight [“I was called Shwe by my friends in modelling circuit”], which opened its doors last month, is a North Indian fine dining restaurant. “I wanted to give expatriate Malayalis in Dubai a different taste from the usual fare. We dish up a bit of Chinese food too,” she adds.

Being a celebrity helps, most of the time, especially to get publicity, say the leading ladies. For instance, Kaniha says she could bank upon her celebrity status to get corporate tie-ups. They also talk of brand value going up when a known face opens a venture. “There is a certain level of trust with potential customers because you are a known face,” explain Shwetha and Lena. “On the flipside, you are always under scrutiny. At times, I feel acting is much easier,” adds Shwetha. Kavya says it is not easy being the face of Laksyah. “I can’t go wrong with what I wear!” she adds, with a laugh.

Celeb status and a pretty face, though, is no guarantee for a successful business. All the actresses say that they put in a lot of hard work to get their businesses up and running. “The execution part was not easy, be it finding the right location, getting the interiors done, purchasing the machinery, appointing qualified staff, training them and even finalising the colour of the uniform. But I have become more confident now that we are opening a new branch in Kochi,” explains Lena. Kaniha, meanwhile, admits that she has learnt to be “more patient and be diplomatic.” Well played.Read more |****-formal-dresses
neerajsoni Jan 2015
yaad kar lena mujhe
Yaad kar lena mujhe tum
yaad me aa jaunga.
Baat karni ** to kehna
Khwab me aa jaunga.
Manzilo ki duri he
Or to koi duri nahi.
Tum badhaogi kadam
To me sath me aajaunga.
Muskurati rahogi to
Me bhi muskuraunga.
Udaas jo ** kar beth ***
To me kuch nahi kar paunga.
Yaad kar lena mujhe tum
Yaad me aajaunga.
Baat jo karni ** to kehna
Me khwab me aajaunga.
Me khwab me aajaunga.
Nk —
Meri pehchan shirf itni hai ki "I'm born in INDIA" Bharat meri pehchan h, Bharat mera samman h, Bharat mera Abhimaan h
Aap mujhshe sab kuch cheen sakte **, mera tan mera lahu par meri pahchaan mujhse Bhartiya hone ki nahi cheen sakte aur wahi meri identity hai, mai bhartiya hu mujhe iss par bahot garv hai or iss se uper koi garv mujhe chahie v nahi ||
Mai Bharat maa ka beta hu pahle ,uske baad ek maa ne mujhe janm dia h is sthal bharat bhumi par ussi ki lie kuch likha tha ye ki..
This is what i would love to introduce myself like that....
Agar koi puche ki kaun tha wo -
Yhai parichaye tha hai or rahega...... |||||||||
Aaj kal bahot ek mudda chal rha h Desh bhakti kuch logo ne usse Hinduo se jod dia kuch ne mushlmaano se kuch ne sikkho se kuch ne ishayeo se, ek baat yaad rakhna hum pehchaan hai Ek aisa mahavidyalaya ek aisa university (its like an university ,its like a college the country is like college, we may have different wings, we may have different subjects but we all belong to une college/ university and that is Bharat ||
aaj bahot jaruri ** gya uss ‪#‎traitor‬ us gaddar ya behter language me usse ‪#‎gaddar‬ or ‪#‎Chutia‬ khenge..
lets talk about that person jisne har fauji har iss bharat maa ke bete ko hurt kia h aaj uske baare me baat karna bahot jaruri ** gya h
Naa hinduo se naa mushalmano se
iss mulk ko taqleef hai gaddar or baemaano se
jinhe hum haar samajh baithe the
gala apana sajane ko
wahi ab naag ban baithe
humhi ko kaat khane ko
Pichle 2-3 mahine, it has been disturbing me a lot " I being an Indian ,I being a simple son of this motherland feel hurt ..
Bura lagta haikaaran ye hai log kahte hai hum kuch kar nahi sakte
"Aisa hai karne par aa jaye to bahot kuch kar sakte hai , lekin hum samman karte hai bharat ke sarrwoch nyayalay ka (Supreme court ka )" or uske aadesh ki awhelna nahi karna chahte hai , uske aadesh ka paalan karte hue kuch gaddaro ko aaj v chod rakha hai,
warna aisa hai kaam hi haddia todne ka or jaan lene ka hindustani fauz karti hai |
kisi ne kaha mai unn gaddaro ka naam lena v pasand nahi karunga,bcz wo itna v deserve nahi karte ki unka naam is juban par aaye
but ek cheej bolna bahot jaruri hai ''ki Bhartiya senaa ****** hai"
Agar gharo me baithe ** naa or tumhari behne or tumhari maaye ghar se nikal kar jaa rahi hai to sirf ye hindustani fauz hai jiski dumm pe tumne bhai hone kaa baap hone ka farz nahi nibhaya hoga "this is the only indian armed forces which maintain the degnity of a soldier nad maintains that brotherhood" aapki bahne aapki maaye agar surakshit hai to wo bharat ki senaye hai jiske kaaran hai , bolne ke pahle socha karo or kismat bahot acchi thi ki fauz ke saamne nahi bola warna jo Hero bana di na iss desh ne ,fauz tum jaise ko choddti bhai nahi ....magar ye bharat ka samvidhan hai "there is the constitution of India" jisne baandh rakha hai humare haatho ko , Krodh karna meri aadat nahi hai magar aata hai gussa islie aata hai kyuki chanakya ne kaha ki akshar maine juthe logo ko mushkurate hue dekha hai .. jo sach bolta hai or dil se bolta haai usko gussa bahot aata hai or ye gussa iss bat ka hai ki iss desh me kutto ko maarne ki permission nahi hai isliye abhi tak bache hue ** "Ask ur sister ask ur family members ,if there are 10 young boys & if there is a single soldier ,ask a young girl where would you go for the help and whom would she ask for the help & i insure this that girl would go to a soldier and ask and she will say one thing suddenly she will use this word Bhaiya meri help kijie" kya hai ye jawani sambhal nahi rahi hai to batao 23 saal me Saheed Bahagat Singh,
Ram Prashad Bishmil bada bada kaam kar ke chale gye, bahot garmi aree sena join karo bharat ki fauz me aaodushmano se lado naaghar ke ander kyu dushmani ka mahaool banate **.....
Kisi ek bewkoof ne ye kah diya ki Bhagat Singh jaisa hai ,Abe sharm karo and clear ur facts before you compare that guy with revolutionaries, kaun the wo or kiski baat kar rahe ** uss inshaan ki who can't deliver two right sentences in one particular languages,
Aap uski comparison kar rahe ** jo Bharat ke samvidhan ko gaddar kah rha hai..
Thik hai bolne ki azadi hai magar ye azadi di kisne hai ," The freedom has been given to you bye the constitution of this country,The Honorable Supreme Court has some guidelines the honorable constitution of this country has some guideline and we must respect that "
Aap kaise Bhartiya sena ko ****** kah sakte ** sharm karo uss sentence par agar aaj v bacchia surakshit hai if the Indian youth if everybody who ever is doing what ever they want to do if this freedom has been given to them is just because of one thing that Indian Army ,Navy,Airforce, Indian armed forces are fighting for you day and night.
Jab tum sone jaate ** tab unki duty ka waqt shuru hota hai , sharm khao iss baat k lie aur yaad rakho Bharat ko todne ki koshish mat karo
Naa hinduo se naa mushlmano se
Iss mulk ko taqleef thi hai gaddaro se or bayemano se .
Or yaad rakho "Apni azadi ka galat upyog mat karo "
Copyright© Shashank K Dwivedi
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Eshan  Mar 2011
Eshan Mar 2011
Nikle to hum bhi the ghar se yahi soch kar ki shayad is bar manzil tak pahuch jayenge,
kyunki daudna to unhone hume bachpan mein hi sikha diya tha yeh kehkar,
ki agar nahin bhagoge to woh tumhe peeche chod jayenge.

Daudne ki kuch aisi adat se ** gayi hai ki pair ab rukne ka nam hi nahin lete,
lekin hume kya pata tha ki itna age nikal ane se, apne hi paraye,
aur woh sabhi raste anjane se ** jayenge.

Sabse door rehte hue bhi, in anjanon ki bheed mein woh ek chehra apna sa lagta tha,
lekin woh bhi hamesha kisi aur chehre ki talash mein rehta tha.

Sahi raste ko dhoondhne nikle to the, magar yeh nahin pata tha ki itni jaldi thak jayenge.
Kabhi kabhi to lagta hai ki ab ruk jana chahiye, thoda aram kar lena chahiye,
lekin woh bhi namumkin lagta hai kyunki, ab to sapne bhi ajeeb se ate hain.

Chalte chalte, wade to kafi kiye the is safar mein, kuch unse, kuch apne ap se,
lekin yeh andaza bhi nahin tha ki un sabhi umeedon par pani ferte hue chale jayenge.

Yeh mehsoos bhi nahin hua ki apne hi apnon ke pankh kat chuke the,
talash thi to bas us kandhe ki jo is ladkhadate hue ko sahara de sake.

Fir bhi, dheere dheere is katon ki chadar par age badna hai, dil yahi kehta rehta hai,
kyunki jhoothi hansi ki kuch aisi adat si ** gayi hai, ki ab chahte hue bhi dard ka ehsas nahin hota hai.
Shrivastva MK Nov 2015
In labon ki khushi byan karta ***,
Mai tumse pyaar karta ***,
Ai khuda, na chhin lena ye lamha bhi mujhse, kyoki
Dil ke mandir   me mai unhe bhagwan ki tarah pujta ***,

In labon ki khushi byan karta ***,
Apni tasveer unhe samjhta ***,
Jab nind se band ** jati hai ye aankhen,
Mai sapno me bhi unhi ka intezar karta ***,

In labon ki khushi byan karta ***,
Apne jeevan ki dor unhe samjhta ***,
Unki muskurahat na chhute kabhi unke othon se, isliye
Har roj mai unki khushi ke liye dua karta ***,

In labon ki khushi byan karta ***,
Apne aankho ke aansoo unhe samajhta ***,
Wo Hamesha en aankhon me chhalakati rahe, Isliye
Hum Hamesha unki yaad me rota rahta ***...
Real feelings about real love....

True love....
abhi Jan 2015
kn , kn tha mai
Ye mjhe usne bataya
Leke  insan  ka roop
Maano, khuda MRi zindagi mai aaya
Shayad , bhul hi gya tha mai hasna
Lekin tne mjhe hasna  sikhaya  

Bas sans Lena jeena Nai
Ye usne mjhe hai bataya
Bas Dil dhadakne ko kehte zindagi Nai ye bhi ussine ehsaas karaya

Chod Di thi Maine
Jeene Ki ummed
Phir , mjko khudse rubahru , tne karaya
Robert Ronnow Aug 2015
The circle closes over the dead woman's space.
Family and community heal, the scar tissue
between a young girl's *******. She had
shared conversations with my father about
the holes in their hearts. My heart, the
muscle, not the spirit, flutters when a
young girl bikes by or the heron flies.

By September flies are down, we can come
out of our canoes and risk the woods. Summer's tissue
is torn each night. Space above gives perspective
to the life one had. Jesus speaks your name?
And is Beatrix now traveling astronomy's corridors
at the speed of light, aware of herself, to the blessed heart?
Durante too is moving on, wayfaring with his virgil.

Much of the family gathered. My grandfather, Bart,
it was remembered sold his house to none other than Duke
Ellington and Lena Horne lived up the block. Andrew
played with her daughters, sons. Until every Italian
had moved east into Long Island, thinking themselves
better than blacks. I find each and all --
Hindus, Muslims -- hard-earned bone and prone to ache.

We are most happy the dead one's not us.
The chosen one, the unfortunate one, the
one whose name Jesus spoke, is gone
and is no longer one of us. She is the other,
as distant and separate from the family
as a black man or Hindu's sister. Missed less
than last night's sleep or meat and grateful

for such peace. I will be too if it won't
come too soon or too often. My observation is
54 or 84 you always seem to want more
what was accomplished or never finished isn't
enough. Greedy, overweight and blameworthy
is how I've felt about every wasted day.
Summer's tissue torn by the first frost night.

Judging by her feet, Judith will be a big
woman, great granddaughter of Bartholomew,
who sold his redlined house to Duke. See how she
stands near her mother, Jeanette, who
resembles so fiercely my grandmother, Concetta.
The circle closes over the dead woman's space.
Summer's tissue is torn, the family is lace.
Thapz Kolatsoeu Oct 2017
Ngiyakuthanda. Ukuba nginepeni nephepha ngabe ngihlezi phansi ngidansisa ipeni ngaphandle komculo ngikubhalela lenkondlo yothando!

Kondlo lena akuyona inkondlo.
Lena into ephuma kimi uqobo.
Ngoba inkondlo ikhuluma ngamaphupho necabango engasoze yafezeka nothando oluhambiselana nemigomo nemibandela.
Manje mina angiluphuphi uthando lwami ngawe ngiyalwazi lukhona. Angicabangi ukuthi ngyakuthanda kodwa ngyazi ngyakuthanda ingakoke ngi
Ngeke ngiqambe amanga kuwe ngithi ngeke ngiphile ngaphandle kwakho, ngingaphile, ukuthi nje impilo ingaphileka kangcono nginawe.
Ngeke ngikuqambele amanga ngithi ayikho enye into engiyicabangayo ngaphandle kwakho ekubeni kukuningi okunye engikucabangayo, ukuthi nje imicabango enawe iyintokozo nenjabulo kimina.
Ngeke ngiqambe amanga ngithi akulaleki ngicabanga wena, ukuthi nje ngilala kangcono ngicabanga wena. Ngeke ngiqamba amanga ngithi, ngendlela engikuthanda ngayo ngingatshela umhlaba wonke ngoba angeke ngikwenze lokho, kodwa umhlaba ozozibonela wona ukuthi ngiyakuthanda.
Ngalokho futhi ngizishaya isifuba. Empelini mina engizama ukukusho ukuthi ngyakuthanda.
Uyihlolo nonyoko bazala ingelosi sekusele nje ungivezele lezimpiko ozifihlile.
Sthandwa sami ngiyakuthanda, angizenzisi, kodwa kusuka ngaphakathi kimi.
Ngaso sonke isikhathi wakhumbula la mazwi ami, ngiyakuthanda.
Love expressed in isizulu.
Don Bouchard  Feb 2015
Don Bouchard Feb 2015
Ole and his strong wife Lena,
Distant on their pathway grew,
And life between grew meaner,
Silent in the house, it's true.

One day the Pastor came to say
He'd heard a thing or two about them,
Sat at the table in a listening way
While Lena spouted about men.

Pastor Inqvist finally gave a shrug
And walked around the table slowly,
Had Lena stand and gave a hug,
And looked down from his height at Ole.

"This is what she needs my friend,
A big hug every day, to end her sorrow,"
And Ole cleared his throat and said,
"What time will you be here tomorrow?"
Heard this on the radio this morning and had to make it rhyme.

— The End —