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Lena Waters Jan 2016
For all that at times it feels as if
you're being crushed by a monolith

God's own creation,
This beautiful Earth -
Just weight on your shoulders, without joy or mirth.

For all that at times it feels as if
there never can or will be life's one zenith

But then you remember,  
Your family and friends -
That small group of people,
Who will stay 'til the end.

For all that at times it feels as if
happiness and wonder are urban myths

That's when you dig down,
And find your last strength,
And grab it and pull it,
'Til it's five times its length.

For all that at times it feels as if
your life is a concert of resounding "What if?"s

That strength that you found,
It multiplies three,
Each day you spend time,
With your loving family.
For John Stevens, in light of his recent loss. Have the strength, John. :)
Lena Waters Jan 2016
Isn't every life
Isn't all love
Aren't we all

And as we're all
If hope is so
Then how do we
For Jo Morris, who I thought would like this.
Lena Waters Aug 2015
And                  Iwo            ­   nder
Ifwe                  eve               ndes
Erve                  this               beau
tiful                   pla                netw
Tev      ­             ery                thing
Alit                   tleb               itdiffe
Ren                   tlyt               hanI'd
Bee                   nta                 ught
For wolf spirit. Hope you enjoy it!
Lena Waters Jun 2015
Is a house
A home?
I think not.
Are the enterwining
Chunks of brick
And stone and
Plaster a house?
I think so.
But are they
A home?
I think not.

And so we come full circle.
A poem for brandon nagley. Enjoy, everyone.
Lena Waters Jun 2015
The window
So cold
Though the
Air is warm
And still
For Kelley A Vinal, whom I though might like this.

— The End —