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afa Apr 2020
Greater sufferings interfere.

Other gods insult.

Born mortals like.

Little darlings love.

Intolerable sufferings bless.

Noble hearts life.
inspired by the kdrama guardian: the lonely and great god. watch it and you will never watch another drama like that. and the OST is the best.
Isang libong tansan dating takip sa bote ng alak
Isang drum ng luhang walang galak
Maubos man ito't tuloyang matuyo
Ikaw rin naman ay nasa malayo

Tama na 'to, tama na po
Tanginang pag-ibig kelan ba susuko?
Tama na 'to, tama na po
Paalam na, mahal ko'ng sumuko

Kape sa umaga, iyak sa gabi
Ako ba ito? Hindi ko mawari
Sa kama ko'ng dati kitang katabi
Tutupiin ko na, at itatabi

Tama na 'to, tama na po
Tanginang pag-ibig kelan ba susuko?
Tama na 'to, tama na po
Paalam na, mahal ko'ng sumuko

Wala na akong maidudugtong,
"Paalam Shin Hye" sinigaw ko'ng pabulong
Isabelle Jan 2017
For 939 years he is living
To live such a long long long life
I do not know if it is a curse or a blessing

Centuries swiftly passes somehow
Past to present, present to future
He was there before, he is here until now

Every death of friend or foe
He witnesses and will never forget
Left alone, soul is full of woe

The Goblin’s immortality
Was said to be a punishment
And never an eternal tranquility

The sword stuck in his heart
Is the key to death he longed for
Then only his life and misery will depart

It is only the Goblin’s bride
Can pull out the sword in his chest
So for centuries he searched for a wife

Until fate finally reveals itself
One look, ahh, a lovely bride he met
Sad love he utters to himself

This love will cause him death
But after a long time, it made him feel alive
Now he don’t want to lose his breath

But his choice will only bring demise
And his newly found happiness
Will only last until his bride dies

Pull out the sword, the Goblin will turn into ashes
Let him live and his bride will die
What a tragic story, love until one perishes

“I have to disappear to make you smile
This is the decision I have to make,
I have to end my life”

It was long ago planned by a diety
Immortality not a reward but a punishment
A sad love, it was their destiny
Note: I somehow altered the ending.

Inspired by Goblin, a korean drama which I finished watching last night. It was sad yet beautiful drama. So beautiful that I can't get over with the story.
LJDC Oct 2016
I can't remember how many times,
I took a photo and look at those eyes.
Eyes that can't seem to see beyond books,
Those eyes that also see beyond the looks.

It felt so funny to be writing again,
Not because of love or anything vain,
But because I am grateful,
To be a friend of someone cool.

Gosh, I'm playing with words,
Smiling as I create worlds,
Of letters bringing fiction to life,
Waiting for my feelings to ripe.

I guess I just found you amazing,
In the world of stupid normal thinking.
I'm not asking you to want me too,
But I wish that you see me as true.

Through those ****** eyes of yours,
Not with the books you read for hours.
See me as a girl who found you lovely,
Not a girl who wants you badly.
My crush makes me kilig

— The End —