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LJDC Oct 2016
I can't remember how many times,
I took a photo and look at those eyes.
Eyes that can't seem to see beyond books,
Those eyes that also see beyond the looks.

It felt so funny to be writing again,
Not because of love or anything vain,
But because I am grateful,
To be a friend of someone cool.

Gosh, I'm playing with words,
Smiling as I create worlds,
Of letters bringing fiction to life,
Waiting for my feelings to ripe.

I guess I just found you amazing,
In the world of stupid normal thinking.
I'm not asking you to want me too,
But I wish that you see me as true.

Through those ****** eyes of yours,
Not with the books you read for hours.
See me as a girl who found you lovely,
Not a girl who wants you badly.
My crush makes me kilig

— The End —