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Chicken Mar 20
You get your leather
I'll get my wax
The people, they
will tell us
You look
like my dad

The people they don't know us
They don't know
They don't know
Living in a bubble
Heads full
of mashed potato.
Jackets, or mash? :D
nabi 나비 Jul 2017
when i hear the word home
i dont think of a brick house
or the furniture that lie inside
i think of my sisters and my mom
i think of my cat waiting behind the door
i think of poem book in my purse
i think of my best friend
i think of my young renegade jacket
i think of my collection of concert tickets
when i think of home
i think of the people and things that make me happiest
i think of the things that connect to my favorite memories
i connect home to comfort and happiness
i dont connect it with brick walls and broken furniture
it may bring safety but it doesnt bring me joy
and home to me means joy
truly what the word home means to me
Nicole Dawn May 2015
Ask anyone,
They have never seen me
Without bangs and a jacket

The bangs hide my face
So I don't have to face the world

They're not in style,
But I'm not in style,
So it's okay

I wear a jacket everyday
Even when I dress up
My arms are weak and scarred,
It's best to hide them

Both are insecurities,
I always get teased for them,
But I need them
To hide

I am far to insecure
To lose the safety
Of my bangs and jackets
I really can't write today sorry...... This was inspired by a book

— The End —