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the senses.
MollyValentine Oct 2017
The earth shatters again
and I,
believe too much in fate, I believe.
Quiet now, he walks in.
My Charlie Boy.

He is writing of me pretty words
an **** girl, a *****
I love you so much I am worried it will be my demise,
My Good Charlie Boy.

I found the letters,
and I am not so bitter,
but Grey, he is.
Not Mine, are you, Charlie Boy?

My lust for the man.

Charlie died that night.
His beautiful ****** face,
the kindness of strangers far too profound
for they all said a gun was no way to go,
for my Dear Charlie Boy.
i miss you still, i think
Jeremy Micallef Mar 2017
Every time I step into a café
I look around, checking if a particular someone
is already there – sitting alone, with a book, lying on the table
But she’s never there. Not yesterday. Not today.

When I see her, I just wonder
How’s she doin’ – always seems to be fine
Always carrying that beautiful smile –
That’s when I start to blunder

Because I start to think, more than I should
Thinking that she’s my soul mate, she’s my lobster
that she’s the one I must be with. And I actually believe it.
I will be with her for good.

Now she’s in front of me, I can smell her perfume
but cannot grasp her hand. She does not look –
I don’t know if she knows what I know
that one day she’ll be the bride, and I the groom

And I’m thinking – ‘this is my chance -
I’m not gonna blow it’. The words are at the tip
of my tongue but can’t be uttered. I start to
think of all the nights we’ll spend in romance

She’s gone. I don’t see her anymore
Possibly she’s dating some other guy
I tell myself, it’s gonna be fine;
it’s just a crush. She’s probably a *****.

I keep trying to get rid of these feeling
that now are no longer stranger to me
for I’ve loved a number of women – but this one
she’s different. I love her for no reason.

I realise I don’t want to move on but
be with her. Can’t give up. That is not something
a dinosaur would do. And I feel happy.
I feel complete. I feel driven, excitement in my gut.

If I do one day get her, I am sure
that I won’t let her go. But hold her
close to me, even on some breaks.
We’ll stay in a love that is pure.

Vowing that I will try and make you happy as much
as you make me, I’ll do anything for you
just to see you smile again
to which I smile again, with every touch.

Sitting alone, in a café, looking at a coffee bean
I remain wondering, if you’d get off a plane for me -
for us. If we’ll ever be.
If you’ll ever realise that you’re my Rachel Green.
This poem is part of a personal project I've attempted recently. What I wanted to do was take some of the best lines from the Television series 'Friends' and put them in a poem.

I have another, similar to this, and will be posting it depending on the feedback I will get from this one.

— The End —