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Engineer Mikay Jan 2016
Once there was a MAN,
Who saved me according to plan.
Ever since I was born in this world,
HIS name was foretold
HIS powerful words and story,
Became a history.
HE died on the CROSS
Only to save my flaws.
HIS unconditional love for me
Open my eyes to see...
That my life will never be the same,
When I started calling out HIS name.
JESUS, HE died for me...
So I will live for HIM.
Engineer Mikay Jan 2016
I asked God, why I was born ugly and others are pretty?!
I asked God, why I was poor and others are rich?!
I asked God, why I was sad and others are happy?!
I asked God, why I am coward and others are hero?!
I asked God, why life for me was so cruel and others are not?!
I asked God, do you love me or you love them more?!

*And God answered... Yes I love you so much that I gave you this kind of life, a life which enables you to know me deeply. An opportunity to ask to me. To communicate with me. Others?! Yes they had all they want in this world but did they know me?! Did they have time to ask me or to thank me of everything they had in this world?! Life here is only temporary, trust me, I got you.
Engineer Mikay Jan 2016
You've got the popularity
You've got the face
You've got the hair
You've got the body
You've got the money
You've got the mansion
You've got the food
You've got the beautiful wife/husband
You've got the beautiful children
You've got the best friends
You've got the job
You've got the car
You've got the suit
You've got the shoes
You've got the gadgets
You've got the accessories

You've got all what you wanted here in the world...


In the END,

still all you've got is...


— The End —