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Here we go again:
I get the choice between
fight or flight, but I
chose to remain frozen.

Icebergs congeal in
my bloodstream. I'm freezing on
the inside, erupting
molten lava from my pores.

Uncontrollable magma
falls from igneous eyelashes;
swallowing the inferno
like a glass of apple cider

that's traveled down the wrong pipe.
Coping with emotion
is something that my self
cannot handle.
Mark Teo May 2016
Drink the cup of shadows
Twist and turn inside
Feel the whirls around bring back
The one that was beside

Darkness creeps in fire
Infernos writing lies
Tells you I won't break you
Tells you I'll keep you alive
Extinguished in a second
A second after the first
A second intended to last
But dust to dust and ash to ash
The cascades take all that is past

Take away the weakness
Take in the soul of night
Let this leave you hardened
Reborn from embers left to die
Hello darkness my old friend, title came much later after shadow+fire thingy, kinda written spontaneously hahaha

— The End —