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Mark Teo Apr 2018
Hush dear heart
Be stable
Hold your stride sublime
Take her slowly by the hand
And lead the sparks to life

Hush dear heart
Be subtle
For you must know your place
In spite of all one's feelings
There should always be a pace

Hush dear heart
Be silent
Know all these things take time
A world of our own making
Is a wait well worth its rhyme
anyone like chem poems? LOL
Mark Teo Jun 2016
Deeper, darker
Tell me why
I hold within
The southern nights
Ablaze upon a crumbling pyre
Hopes and dreams that soon will tire
That lock within a silent wish
Entomb a life beyond all this
The fields of bloom mark
What has died
A heart of color
A world denied
this came out pretty easily XD
Mark Teo Jun 2016
I wish to say
That this was not
What passes in the blink of an eye
Lingers in these souls of ours
(Did you really care that time?)

Upon a rising spire
Dreams of what could have been reach an end
Turns and taints and tumbles
Across the night lights that won't tell
That there weeps a child
Inside this shell
Of a crumbling, loathsome man
Who only wants the embrace of shades
Let the winds bring you somewhere else
As you take one more step forward and
For the last time, hear the bells
Mark Teo May 2016
Drink the cup of shadows
Twist and turn inside
Feel the whirls around bring back
The one that was beside

Darkness creeps in fire
Infernos writing lies
Tells you I won't break you
Tells you I'll keep you alive
Extinguished in a second
A second after the first
A second intended to last
But dust to dust and ash to ash
The cascades take all that is past

Take away the weakness
Take in the soul of night
Let this leave you hardened
Reborn from embers left to die
Hello darkness my old friend, title came much later after shadow+fire thingy, kinda written spontaneously hahaha
Mark Teo May 2016
If I can never get to you again
Then I might as well go back
To all the days of open arms
Which I fear I may lose track
Until I reach the moments where the world was not to lack
Until I can remember that gentle flush of crimson
Every time I heard your name
Until the walls and numbers
Stopped bringing us further and further away
Until knowing you were by my side filled all my stars and skies
And the dewfall scattered rays in hearts of rainbow-colored lights
Until I can find the traces of this past we left to decay
A life that wasn't living in the eyes that saw today
Instead circling to the past
A wisp of a wish long gone
And admit that this disease that brings back time
Must soon be dealt as done
It's cool how one of the most dangerous of types of virus is the one that incorporates itself as a part of you, the one that goes back into you, merging with your body, killing you bit by bit, but I wonder if I'm the virus trying to **** the past by going back, or is the past just killing me...
Mark Teo Apr 2016
The chunk of metal in my palm
Forgets the girl that's calling
Tainted with the moon of rose
And sailors all a-sighing

Pins and needles in my head
Wishing slowly I was dead
Feeding circles from the sky
Drifting everlasting lies

And in a moment far from wasted
Lives all seem just copy-pasted
To wander, wonder, wondered why
Regrets are bars in the jail of time

And slowly do I realize the metal
Keeps it all inside
Traps us in together
With a metal state of mind
They who live among us
Can bend down to our ways
Chains of petty nevermores
Escape the glance of day
I like the rhyming but that's all XD
Mark Teo Apr 2016
From all the lady-lights
Waltzing across the shadows of
The human heart
The human soul
That gave you everything from
Calyces of divinity
To the light-brown seers of truth
But in every imagining
In every prerequisite
A rift in every drift
Last line is sort of a wordplay huehuehue, if you catch my dRIFT
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