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Salmabanu Hatim Oct 2018
"Granny, granny,come look at me."
There was excitement and urgency in my granddaughter 's voice,
I hobbled as fast as I could my cane thumping on the floor.
I stood there inside the door chuckling.
My granddaughter had become me,
She wore a tweed skirt high on the waist,
A white blouse with a high collar and a bow,
On her face she wore one of my specs which she had smeared with a bit of vaseline,
The effect was so that she could not see clearly like me.
She had put some pebbles in her shoes to enable her to hobble ,
Her hair she had combed into a bun.
Lastly she put on white gloves which she explained she had borrowed from my cupboard.
she held a dainty white laced handkerchief.
"How do I look, granny?"
"ME! I laughed.
"You will be the best granny in your school  fancy dress party.
Pray, remove the vaseline from the specs or you will fall down,
You can borrow my cane too,
I love you dear munchkin."

— The End —