The words I seek lie beneath
Row on row of ground down teeth
Separating flesh from bone
Burdens carried long from home
Letters strung on golden thread
Woven from heart, leading to head
When will all the words unsaid
Return from rapture; nothing left to dread

Dandelion spirit, and a thorny rose fighter.

You can't go carelessly picking up flowers without expecting one to be a biter.

For every petal that wilts, you'll get a sting.

Prickly thorns clinging to every single thing.

Nature can be soft and sweet, but in every beautiful landscape there is a nearby guarding beast.

You cannot deceive flowers, for you are already deceived.

The petals sheild a warrior, and their sword is hungry to feed.

for ashley, one of my closest friends in the world and perhaps the one i hold closest to my heart. sometimes my maternal instincts take over and i feel the need to protect you from everything i can, but then i remember, you are so much stronger than youre given credit for. i'm so proud of you! i love you! thank you for being apart of my life

If my heart had a lock,
you wouldn't need the key.

Your way with words, and gentle touch, leaves me in pure serenity.

All walls fall right down, becoming one with the earth, one with the ground.

Entirely exposed, no barriers left to surround,

I am yours. Wrists and ankles unbound.

You are all the security I need, your arms the epitome of safety.

My lover, protector, and source of wonder,

My heart needs no key, for you to read.

Gears come in all shapes and size,

Your hips move along with mine,

We'd make a perfect machine.

We'll show the world what love looks like,

Baby, you can grind my gears anytime.

I used to think love was when someone gave you a warm tingly feeling,
If cherry chap-stick erupted into an emotion,
If cotton candy could bleed.

Now I know that love is heavy.
Love is heavy and sweet, with occasional bitter layers in between; love has a mouth on it.
Love will keep you in line.
Love will blur the lines entirely but still expect you to remain inside
When you feel love, you become drenched in it, you are simply sopping wet with irrational decisions spawned out of love.
It is a weight I will gladly carry.
I will walk into the ocean with no stopping in sight carrying armfuls of love.

I have cried so many tears for you that you will never see.

I have prayed so many times for you to a God that neither of us actually believe in.

I would’ve sacrificed my life,
my dreams,
every single one of my fingers that you’ve called ‘adorable,'
all just to make you happy for a moment.

And yet,
you still left.

And yet,
I wasn’t surprised.

And yet,
I’d do it all again.

And yet, I miss you every single day knowing you took me for granted

Did you see the same beauty I saw while looking through the camera lens?
Did you feel my heart beat to the speed of fluttering butterfly wings as we held hands?
Did you feel me break like a crumbling tombstone?
Something to acknowledge what is gone, now gone for good.
Did you feel my ribs shatter with the velocity of a car crashing into a liquor store, torso thrust forwards, collarbone hits the steering wheel and for the first time you hear the silence.
Did you understand how I felt?
Do you now?

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