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My pillow melting my
Head the roasted Submarine Submerged sinking beneath
The tears downreaching.
© Teri Darlene Basallote Yeo
The truth that hid behind a smile .. finally shines through the cracks of their shattered heart .. letting themselves fall apart .. the part of them that has remained is the part of them that is left drained , a part of them past hoping this ache wont last ... as they glide through ... they want to renew a love that has expired .. giving them , their every awakening desire ... wishing upon the stars above ... every thought they have ever thought of ... wanting an escape of a hell that they will never tell .. a burning sensation , giving then an inspiration to.start over ... as they are hungover on a love that left them crying acid filled tears ... as it ran down their faces thinking ... what a disgrace ... they stand up ... look around .. in a mirror to see ... what they found ... as they began to straighten their crowns and washed away fears along with every tear .. they put on there is nothing wrong ... they go out without any doubt living their lives .. coming home and doing it all over again... "i am fine" those three words with hold a lie .. only the right person would know ... they don't need you to fix them.. just love them as they fix themselves.. loving another person was like suicide. .. killing them inside and out when the other person was the One that never doubt ... they were the ones she said they couldn't live without ... look at them now ... they are okay on the outside but corrupted on the inside. .. what have you done??? ... ruining them with every aspect .,, not showing you give a **** .. why even offer them your hand?? Love is one of the many reasons they cant trust ... all it was .. for others was just lust ... they need to be mended but not just anyone can keep a promise .. deleting every.memory cherished .. and can not keep all of it buried ... they will remember but wish sometimes they couldn't ... as they wished upon a day with a brighter smile... searching.for a better tomorrow .. now they are strong and they can finally move on...

— The End —