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My pillow melting my
Head the roasted Submarine Submerged sinking beneath
The tears downreaching.
© Teri Darlene Basallote Yeo
Michelle Directo Mar 2019
i like how your eyes react when they meet mine
But i can't have you...
i love how we have those little moments together
but i can't have you...
i want to touch you every single moment
but i can't have you...
when your finger traced a small part of my body
i melt with desire...longing for more...
but i can't have you...
i want you
but you will never be mine...
Enygma Apr 2016
What do you like about her?

For some reason, I could not decide what to say. When someone asks what I like about her, my mind goes racing so fast that I get caught up in my words.

She's the type of girl who would force the secret out of you if you refuse to tell it to her.

She's the type of girl who doesn't care about what other people think, she lives her life without anyone dictating it for her.

And her curves. God, if I could, I'd trace her curves all day.

She's the type of girl who gets jealous, even with the littlest of things. I thought at first it was normal to get jealous, but this is different. She'd get jealous not because you're breathing the same air as the other girl, but she'd get jealous because she's territorial-- she wants you all to herself.

She's the type of girl who never stops talking. If talking were a sport, she'd be an olympic medalist! But no matter how far off her topics would be, you'd never get tired of her, ever. You'd probably even drift away, lost in her eyes, and she'd have to snap her fingers in front of you to come back to your senses.

She's just mesmerizing, like you would probably touch her arm just to make sure that she's real. She's the full moon on a starry night; God, how could such an amazing person exist?

I'll admit, she's not perfect. Perfection is overrated. She has flaws, and that's why I fell in love with her in the first place. I fell in love with her flaws.
Enygma Apr 2016
It's those little hands of hers, hands that have been cut and scarred from picking up the fragments of her broken past. You could only wonder how hands so small could hold my whole world.

It's the subtle silence between us, the silence after she breaks down in front of you, and you're not sure whether to say something or nothing at all. You'll end up hugging her instead, letting the silence speak for itself. The warmth of your embrace would remind her what home felt like.

It's the countless fights we have, when shouting would turn to screaming until no more words could be said, the silence wrapping around our necks and lifting us off the ground. It's in our heated arguments where we see, even for a moment, how much we actually care for each other.

It's the butterflies she gives me, a different feeling from seeing your favorite singer up close, or when you reach the peak of a mountain and see the spectacular view from up above. It's the butterflies that keep me from saying anything, staring awkwardly at her until she laughs. It's the butterflies that keep me on my toes every time I see her; it's like meeting her for the first time.
Happy 8th, you know who you are
Enygma Dec 2015
There she is, reading a book she had been hooked on. She zoned out of reality and immersed herself in her own private little space. I can't help but look.

"What?" She asks, every time she catches me staring at her.

"What? Nothing"

Little does she know that I'm not only staring because of her mesmerizing beauty, but because of her existence. Because she's too good to be true. Because she's so surreal. Because I can't believe that the girl of my dreams is right in front of me-- the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. And yet she wonders why I stare at her, gazing upon those eyes that hold the universe, and I'm just about to get lost in them.
Enygma Nov 2015
There's something about her
That gets him caught up in his words
That gets him three feet off the ground
That gets him chirping like the birds

There's something about her
That makes him stop and stare for a while
Could it be those ****** little eyes
Or that irresistible smile?

There's something about her
Must be her sweet, marshmallow scent
She's a priceless jewel, crafted with extra care
She could be my lady, I could be her gent

There's something about her
An angel sent from above
Her gentle touch and delicate skin
No wonder I'm falling in love

There's something about her
I may not know it yet
But she's everything I could ever dream about
The greatest girl I've ever met

— The End —