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Marie Mar 2019
I was wondering if after all
I've done to you,
You left me alone in the darkness side
Full of agony and suffering
The shimmering lights
You bestowed upon
Now, just a memoir in the past
I couldn't ponder, why-------
Why we end up in here?
I can't let you go
Until now, my heart keep chanting your name so loud
I've didn't done wrong
I don't broke the promise we bind
In the first place, you know
No words that can described,
How much I love you?
I'm going to be insane
Thinking, how I can fix everything?
I miss you **** much!
Please came back my dear!
Light me up.
Free me from this pain.
Febronia Ventura Feb 2019
‪“I’m not going anywhere,”  he promised her last night.‬

‪But she had already left weeks before.‬
Iska Nov 2017
I'm so sorry I assumed you loved me
as much as I loved you.
That in my hubris filled state of mind
I missed my que.
I'm so sorry to have been so blind.
I should have known you'd be so cold.....
Its almost to much for my soul to alone to hold.
maybe I made you more than man in my head,
I made you a hero, a King.
who'd be with me til the very end
when in reality you showed no
hesitation in cutting our thread.

— The End —