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Shakytrumpet Dec 2019
Wigs, wigs, I wear wigs,
to hide the fact my hairline
thins. Love my merkins.
For those of you who know what a merkin is, I'm sorry for the loss of your innocence, and for those who looked it up again sorry for that mental image.
and if you liked this (not sure why but I'm flattered XD) check out my other haikus
Esther Feb 2016
My edges got snatched
And they never came back
While I was getting those tracks
They got detached

There's this empty space
At the side of my face
I feel ashamed
They were even tamed

Sick of wearing headbands
Just to cover those strands
Hoping they'll return
I'm getting so concerned

Everyday I get fried
I want to hide
They say my hairline
Looks like frankenstein

I go home crying
I keep on trying
To grow them out
Without a doubt

Next thing you know
They start to grow
I then show them off
And they start to cough

— The End —