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Chelsea May 2020
we are three.
we are different. different energies.
but we bounce off each other.

each deserving of each other.
each being as one.
everything is better in three.

although three can sometimes bleed
one leaves now it’s only two
you. my person.
Chelsea Apr 2019
I trusted you
You said I was enough
I told you I didn’t feel worthy
You said I was enough

You saw her
Thought she was good enough
Chelsea Apr 2019
But I don't want you to come back.

You're back,
but I won't allow you to come back.

You're back,
but I deserve better.

You're back,
but not for me.
Chelsea Apr 2019
People are so oblivious to what love is
They allow broken love to fit a description
This is what love is.

Love is not waking up
wondering who you have to be today
for their benefit.

Love is waking up
knowing that you are you and they are they
bringing only goodness.

Love is not saying 'I love you'
when you do not feel it.

Love is looking at someone and smiling
feeling 'I love you' in every language.

Love is not having to dress up and out
just to get them to glance,
to make them compliment you,
and make you feel loved.

Love is being in a crowded room and them, you
being the first person they, you see.

Love is knowing that there is trust,
there is respect,
there is wanting,
there are two.

Love is something that is not a want,
it is a need.

Everyone has a need for love.
Chelsea Nov 2018
Beyond your looks
Beyond your smile

I see your person
I see your soul

I've seen your fears
I've seen your tears

But you chose someone else
But you chose her

You are not the self-sacrificing love I deserve
You didn't deserve all of me and all of everything

I miss you, but only the you you pretended to be.
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