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I am sad to say,
You called me ***,
I might be ***,
But the way you said,
Made it sound,
like it wasn't  okey,
I tired of you bullies,
Picking on little people like me,
Just because we're small,
Doesn't mean we won't
eat you all.
To all bullies
a poet is a witch,
it's pen is it's wand,
it's rhymes are it's spells,
once it writes something,
it can not be undone.
lost in it's words,
walls are built,
hiding it's broken feelings,
in walls of words,
so his feelings stand still,
to show no more hurt,
of a broken heart,
from someone he cursed.
he promised to love to no ones extent,
to love the life of what he must bury,
crying tears of sadness and love,
good bye my one and only cursed love.
sorry it al-little sketchy but getting there i would love feed back
freedomflag Oct 21
i am scared of my shadow,
and scared of the dark,
i am scared of the tears falling from my face,
i am scared people not caring if i die,
scared of the moon when it smiles,
scared of my self every once in awhile,
scared of what people think when my secret is told,
i am scared of my secret of mine,
i am scared of asking why,
i am lost with every worry in the world,
help i am scared.
sorry if this is bad i have written in a while

— The End —