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Night is thought as dark and full of shadows,
And day is of life and enlightenment,
Day is full of truth and reality,
With labor and frustrations,
While night is full of hope and fantasy, but yet we sleep and dream,
When we wake we're wishing to go back,
Yet some fear night as if it's the living prison of your tomb.
Dear friend,

You where there since the start,
When I left the home of my foster mom,
As I walked in to hell,
Or what we called home at the time,
We were happy with what I had there,
Wishing we had a better life,
And for our family we left,
Yet some will miss and find again,
You helped me find peace,
Even in darkest times,
The day I almost quit ,
Or the day we found,
My heart is made of glass,
You knew my secrets my dreams,
You were my best friend,
But when I met my love ,
You started being quieter,
Why did you leave,
Did I do something wrong?
I love to the moon of night to the stars scattered in the sky the time we lost to star lite sky I love you grandma let never say good bye
Lost in my mind again,
Trying to find me.
Am I bi gay straight?
Why can’t I be free?
Lost in my gender like always.
Am I he/him she/her they/them?
  I see myself a guy but act like a girl but I feel neither.  
Why can’t I see me?
am I male, am I female, boy or girl?
The deeper I go.
I get further from finding out.
The more lost I get.
The harder it is to find me.
Will I know?
i felt this way when i was finding me i now know i am non binary gay
sick and tired of everyone's bu//$hit,
i don't want to be a side peace or a barbie doll,
i want to have a voice,
but i lost my strength and will to use it,
and i about to just say f^ck it,
and just be f^cking quiet,
only cry on the inside,
smile out side,
act happy,
with no hope,
no freedom,
no voice,
1 2 3 4 i dont give a **** no more
5 6 7 8 let get some **** straight
9 10 11 12your destroying brain cells
13 14 15 16 my turn to skip listening
busted lip
broken nose
lost breath
black eyes
broken heart
shatter dreams
burning tears
dripping blood
slit arm
lost hope
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