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Emma Hill May 2018
Her bookshelf to the brim and bursting
With pages worn, and well
Remembered for the virtues
And husbands in the war

Fallen woman--fall, and women
Harvests sown and reaped
Moon of full, of wax, of
Her heart of Shadow's seed

Hand of diamond and of band
Ashes, ashes, dust
A love once lived and now, one
The pages' faces face us
And sages burn, away
First in awhile. Hello again
SabreLi Dec 2017
There are so many things that I'd like to say
But I just can't find the words
And even if I could, there aren't enough hours in the day
For all that I want to be heard

It's impossible to condense into words on a page
Just how much you mean
No picture or verse could adequately gauge
All that could have been

I'll try my hardest to express 
The joy you brought into our lives
All the love, hope and happiness
I just wish we had more time

But how could I fail to mention
Your beauty is exquisite
Button nose and rosy lips, you're the picture of perfection
And we're so grateful you came to visit

Named for elegance, sophistication and finesse
You're a beauty pure and rare
Spread your wings and reign on our princess
Beneath your crown of fair hair

I like to think you're sleeping, cosy and at ease
And though we'd much rather you were here
We'll take comfort in knowing that you're at peace
Treasured in our thoughts, you're always near

And though these times are painful and bittersweet
We will always remember
November 25th, two thousand and seventeen
When you touched our hearts forever

Copyright © 2017 SabreLi
Self explanatory :( <3

— The End —