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Luck she smokes
coming out in clouds spreading all over
violent tracks grey noises breaking
dreams in sleep
slow waves
blending to blues when the sun is coming
breathing in back volumes of screaming alarms
ocean salt crunches in her morning bones
last time she was a mermaid
past life she was a Fortune
spinning a thread
sewing her dress
spinning later in dance
stranger creatures downstairs look great
finally staring at the spring sun
through fingers it burns
seems for luck
like a candle play of the past evening
reaching heat on the highest spot on the top
where she finds lucky solution
in the underworld kingdom watered with five wholesome oceans
room covered with vital rose blossoms
to the dusty pink noise
Fortuna goddess is dancing on her tip toes
Shame May 2018
whispers come out
of control
of the mouth
of the
selfish thinker

select know
while in air
their spare
venom lingers

cruelty whips the paranoid
not anxious for no reason
get in line good girls and boys
be one or zero
curve to the confines
of the basic language

the hermit sits
scooping sand
with her
hand and fingers

given that she has
felt the breadth
of human hate
from some the
closest to her

she will still
sit cross legged in pain
every new day
as each day past
spinning the comic
and the tragic

into verse
unique to her
as the voice
in her mind
convinces her

it could keep
others alive

so she sings
she screams
songs of hope
and victory

where they ought
to be

with the liars
for time enough
in futures
never said
inspired by and
for emnabee

as well as
for all the
Arachne Duana Fortuna

thank you for your secret words
they save and summon
keep on
keep on

— The End —