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Carl D'Souza Jul 22
I just read the first page
of James Joyce’s ‘novel’
Finnegan’s Wake;
Joyce makes up new words
and uses so many new words
that I could not comprehend
what Joyce had written.

Should authors make effort
to use words
which their audience
can understand?
Jonathan Surname Aug 2018
Face me to the east,
on a riverside run dry.
Tone callously
commenting as an aside.

Judge the unjudged, remind them at their peril.
Eskimos knew no god, and now priests send them to hell.

The sky is a bridge between which humanity sits.
Part the dried flake of my rest, I'll bear the split.
Then pardon myself for having ever exist.

There's a bear in my soul,
and she clamors to remain within.
First Nations knew no devil,
until we taught them about sin.
being told to mourn at a rate faster than natural

— The End —