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Svode Oct 2017
An apple fell from a tree.
Did it want to fall from that tree?
Where it was so secure and cozy,
only to hit the ground of reality.

It will never come back to that tree,
it's stems have been cut off.
It'll fend for itself,
but that's hard for an apple to do.
I made this for fun :P
Nylee Aug 2016
Break me more , I am still alive ,

I still survive .

It takes a bit more to break me apart,

To tear my heart .

All wounds open , But still I am here ,

Without any fear .

I cannot be as unbroken as before ,

But I will endure .

I am not defeated , So you haven't won ,

Nowhere I have gone .

In me , My soul has kept on the fight ,

It is not yet a complete dark night .

But dawn of my survival , I will move on ,

I have me , no longer alone.

I will be victorious in the end ,

I will fend .

Break me more, But I won't be broken

— The End —