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Sameer Denzi Dec 2018
When asked why she did not marry
the Duke of Westminster,
Coco Chanel is supposed to have said:
"There have been several
Duchesses of Westminster
But there is only one
Coco Chanel
Coco Chanel. She was something special.
Eliza Noxon Sep 2017
How could you hurt her like this
Who would do this
She is a gorgeous kind woman, who carries herself with grace
She is intelligent and deserves more than this ****** world offered her
People were so quick to assume that she was at fault
Manipulative ******* hiding behind blood and brains
She didn’t deserve this
She would never hurt someone
The world let her down
The world pushed her to the ground and through the cracks
Into the darkest places they could force her, and then used words to push her farther
She rose up
Despite the indignities of hereditary sellouts and banshees in denial
Here she stands before me
A healer
A soldier
A mother
She remains
**** you all who would keep her away.
You don’t know the angel you’re missing.
The woman you hurt
She doesn't need you
She has love and light in her life
She has Us.
And always will.
Grace Feb 2015
In flickering eyes
Is the glow of a smoldering fire
They are sizing us up

My body transforms, a whirlwind
A temple for worship
To a stage for performance

All eyes are on me
Shadows flickering on the walls
Whispers scattering
Hurried footsteps down the hall

Their lips glisten in the dark
A shred of light
Despite the darkness  trapped inside

Grumbling stomachs
Resonating like heart beats
Growling for me

They are starved
For my skin

For to them
I am nothing more
Than meat
Because I am not solely for your entertainment.

— The End —