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Sameer Denzi Dec 2018
Light and Darkness
Most of us assume
Are equal and opposites.

But In reality,
Light and darkness are opposites
but they are not equal.
Light is a physical entity
While darkness in the mere
Absence of light.

Love and hate are opposites
but they are not equal.
Love is real
While hate can only exist
in the absence of Love.

Truth and falsehood are opposites
But they are not equal.
Truth is a fact
While falsehood is
The omission of the truth.

Love and Truth are
the essence of the Divine.
Hatred and falsehood
are the absence of the Divine.
Sameer Denzi Dec 2018
When asked
why she did not marry
the Duke of Westminster?

Coco Chanel replied:
There have been many
"Duchesses of Westminster,"
But there is only one
Coco Chanel
Sameer Denzi Dec 2018
God once asked his faithful servants
a perplexing question:
“Who will lend me a Beautiful Loan
Which I will double
And multiply many times?”

The servants looked hither and thither
and at each other in puzzlement:
“What could we possibly lend to The Creator
Of mankind and of the unseen
Of the Earth and of the Heavens
And everything in between?”

But one among them wept in tranquil delight
For he understood what was being asked:
It is the act of giving without expectation
From ones material wealth,
From ones precious time,
From ones accrued knowledge,
To alleviate the suffering of others
Sameer Denzi Nov 2018
Some bow down in prayer frequently
But all they get is tired
Some indulge in fasting punctually
But all they get is hungry
Some go on a pilgrimage repeatedly
But all they get are selfies
Some donate generously to charity
But all they get is vanity
Some read the scriptures literally
And all they get are 'dos' and 'don'ts'
Sameer Denzi Sep 2018
A great poet once wrote:

"There are many precious
Jewels in this world
But none is more precious
than a woman's blush
Sameer Denzi Feb 2018
There once were a group of flies
They wished to hunt for filth no more
They wished to hunt for the light instead
Like the regal moths during the night

So they went to the queen of the moths
And said: “We're no lesser than your moths
So please permit us to look for the light

The queen was amused, and said to the flies
Go forth then, like my moths, to find the light

The flies went forth with great delight
And with eagerness they found many lights
and returned to the queen to report their finds.
But they found no moths were waiting there

We’ve outdone the moths!” they said in delight.
We’ve found the light, while they're lost in the dark
The Queen was amused and said to the flies:
Those who only 'look' for the light, return to me,
Those who truly love the light, are consumed by it.
My take on an old mystic fable.
Sameer Denzi Aug 2017
Dark clouds are gathering ominously above
They cast a murky hue into the air around
Infusing into the heart a sensce of gloom
They threaten to unleash torrents of rage
Mercilessly shredding those in their path.

Will my roots stay true against their rage
Or will I give in to their relentless pull
Will I remember that torrents don't last
Once the clouds have spent their load
Will I remember that beyond the clouds
Is the shining sun with all her warmth
Will I remember that the clouds will part
For the bluest of skies, bright and calm
Reposting this poem as it seems to become more relevant each day
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